The Modern FDA Description of Strontium 89 as used in Current Oncology

The Modern FDA Description of Strontium 89 as used in Current Oncology

The current pharmacological description of Strontium 89
confirms Percher’s findings of the 1940s. This description
shows the nature of the substance spread across the
biosphere where ever atomic weapons were detonated, and
where ever power reactors are allowed to vent into the
“Clinical Description of Strontium Chloride SR 89
VA Classification AN600
Commonly used brand name(s): Metastron.
Bone lesions, metastatic (treatment) Strontium
chloride Sr 89 is indicated in the palliative treatment
of bone pain in selected patients with multiple areas
of skelal metastases from carcinoma of the prostate,
breast and possibly, from other carcinomas.
Physical Properties
Nuclear Data
Radionuclide: Sr 89
Distribution: similar to calcium analogs with fairly
rapid clearance from the blood and selective
localization in bone hydroxyapatite.
Radiation dosimetry:
Estimated absorbed radiation dose
Organ Gy/MBq Rad/mCi
Bone surfaces 17.0 62.96
Red marrow 11.0 40.74
Large intestine
Wall (lower)
4.7 17.41
Large intestine
wall upper
1.8 6.67
Bladder wall 1.3 4.81
Breast 0.96 3.55
Adrenals 0.78 2.89
Stomach wall 0.78 2.89
Kidneys 0.78 2.89
Liver 0.78 2.89
Lungs 0.78 2.89
Ovaries 0.78 2.89
Pancreas 0.78 2.89
Spleen 0.78 2.89
Testes 0.78 2.89
Thyroid 0.78 2.89
Uterus 0.78 2.89
Small intestine 00.023 0.085
Other tissue 0.78 2.89
Precautions to Consider:
Thirty-three out of 40 rats receiving 10 consecutive monthly
doses of either 250 or 350 micro curies per kg of body
weight of strontium 89 developed malignant bone tumors
after a latency period of approximately 9 months.
Adequate and well-controlled studies with strontium chloride
Sr 89 have not been done in humans. Radio-pharmaceuticals
are generally not recommended for therapeutic use during
pregnancy because of the risk to the fetus from radiation
exposure. Strontium chloride Sr 89 would be expected to
cause adverse effects, such as bone marrow toxicity, in the
To avoid the possibility of fetal exposure to radiation, in
those circumstances in which the patient’s pregnancy
status is uncertain, a pregnancy test will help to prevent
inadvertent administration of their preparation during
FDA Pregnancy Catergory D
Breast Feeding
Strontium Chloride Sr 89 acts as a calcium analog
and is expected to be distributed into breast milk.
Because of the potential risk to the infant from
radiation exposure, complete cessation of nursing is
recommended after strontium chloride Sr 89 has
been administered.” End quote. (Source:,
Online Drug Reference)
end quote

Sr89 is a controlled substance. Any doctor who sprayed it over the countryside would be arrested and the key would be thrown away.

How come TEPCO and J Gov are still free?

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