son of India’s president calls rape protesters insulting name


Other politicians have come under fire for comments insulting the protesters and diminishing the crime.

On Friday, Abhijit Mukherjee, a national lawmaker and the son of India’s president, apologized for calling the protesters “highly dented and painted” women, who go from discos to demonstrations.

“I tender my unconditional apology to all the people whose sentiments got hurt,” he told NDTV news.

if he had been been raped by 6 men who took 2 turns each, had an iron rod inserted into him and pulled out with such force that it removed 95% of his intestines, he would be singing a different tune, as would the police chief who said the victims should not have gotten on a bus at night.

This leadership is barbaric and the ignorant men of India follow the example.

India is not a modern state, it is a rape-ocracy. It is 15th century, barbaric and nuclear energy has no place in such a low level basic, lawless, ignorant leadership.

as for not getting on buses after sundown, I guess the police chief who made the remark doesnt have to use public transport.
In Adelaide buses run at night. Does he consider the men and women in Adelaide who travel by bus at night to be all asking for it?

The indian leadership need to wake up and stop acting like the British Raj. Do your jobs dickheads instead of blaming the people who you are paid and sworn to protect.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Taking advantage of any other person is unacceptable, and especially for Political Leaders that are supposed to promote for their citizens instead of themselves!

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