US US Sailors Sue Tepco and JGov for lying and exposing them to fallout

In the army I was taught formally “you can trust communists to be communists”. Today the slogan goes “You can trust nukers to lie.”

This will be an interesting court case, for the USS Ronald Reagan was told by JGov that it was safe. It was not. Now, how does this apply to the lies told to the Japanese people by the nukers in their efforts to keep their share prices up over the health of the Japanese people and the people from around the world who went to Japan to help in March 2012?

(I suppose Flinders Uni and Adelaide Uni would testify that the sailors and everyone else just got a dose of “vitamins”. we will see what the courts say about that won’t we Pam and Barry. )

Eight US sailors who helped deliver relief supplies to Japanese citizens following the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan in 2011 are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) for allegedly misleading the public about how much radiation was present in the area, the Marine Corps Times reported.

The sailors, who served on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, filed a 36-page complaint in US District Court in San Diego last week, the Associated Press reported. They claim that TEPCO and the government of Japan “conspired… to create an illusory impression that the extent of radiation that had leaked… was at levels that would not pose a threat to the plaintiffs,” the Marine Corps Times reported.

The sailors charge that the Japanese government lied “through their teeth about the reactor meltdowns” so rescuers would “rush into an unsafe area,” the AP reported.

According to the AP:

They say they are at risk for developing cancer and a shorter life expectancy, and are undergoing considerable mental anguish as a result.

A female sailor’s infant daughter – who was in utero while her mother was deployed to Japan – is also a plaintiff in the case, the AP reported.

The group is seeking $40 million in compensatory and punitive damages for each plaintiff and access to a $100 million fund they can dip into if medical problems arise from their exposure to radiation, the Marine Corps Times reported.

More from GlobalPost: Japan: Fukushima workers urged to hide radiation levels, says report

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  1. CaptD Says:

    The US fleet had the technology to know exactly what radiological pollution was being emitted from Fukushima and the trained experts to use them; so now the bigger question is why did they not speak out?

    My guess is that they were under orders to not say anything about the radioactive pollution and that everything about it was declared secret.

    US satellites can detect radiation from space and there again, the US Gov’t. was silent!

    Many are still denying that Japanese pollution has been measured in the USA, despite the Japanese themselves discovering Fukushima radioactive pollution on foodstuffs shipped from the USA to Japan!

  2. Brett Burnard Stokes Says:

    In a local case with global significance, Adelaide University is being challenged over Nuclear Advocacy Fraud.


    Brett Burnard Stokes says:

    Are you annoyed by the idea of funds meant for solving climate change being diverted to support uranium mining and nuclear energy advocacy?

    I am planning to do something about it.

    I am a person willing to take on Nuclear Advocacy Fraud …

    I have been threatened with legal action by Nuclear Advocacy Fraudsters …

    Now the tables are turned and I am challenging the Fraudsters …

    My challenge will earn punitive damages which will fund further work …

    I seek both private and public expressions of advice and support.

    Thanks in advance. From me and all our children.


    I say that uranium mining is a crime against humanity and will be so recognised under law.

    My mission is to expose the traitors to humanity who tell lies to be used as alibis to authorise the sacrifice of our children’s lives.


    The Notice of Demand – delivered 12/12/12 – worded as follows –

    Notice of Demand to Cease Fraud
    to: The University of Adelaide
    for the Urgent Attention of the Vice-Chancellor

    At 8am on 6th December 2012, a false statement was published on the “The Environment Institute” FaceBook page operated by The University of Adelaide.

    This is a notice of demand for urgent corrective action.

    The false statement “nuclear power, a zero-carbon generation source” was made in a public post which contained a hyperlink to a fund-raising web site soliciting funds for one Ben Heard to support Heard’s active advocacy of nuclear power in partnership with Barry Brook.

    The University of Adelaide has ignored prompt and persistent demands for immediate retraction or qualification of the false statement.

    The false statement remains, as at 8am on 12th December 2012, on the “The Environment Institute” FaceBook page operated by The University of Adelaide.

    So it has now been six days that this false statement has been published by the University.

    And it has now been six days that I have been requesting immediate retraction or qualification of this false statement which is, in conjunction with soliciting of funds, a fraud.

    This is unacceptable behaviour by The University of Adelaide.

    I demand that the persons responsible be identified and dismissed.

    I demand that the false statement be retracted and repudiated by The University of Adelaide.

    The longer the University waits before acting, the worse the offence by the University.

    The University will need to go further and will need to look into the circumstances where this fraud has been allowed to occur.

    I am energised by my experience and knowledge, as a scientist with wide experience in diverse fields.

    I am motivated by a sense of deep personal loss, with my twin grandsons dying unborn
    three weeks after I first challenged Brook over his ludicrous statements during March 2011 –
    as I have said before, if, instead of false re-assurances, Brook and co had issued appropriate warnings (“Do not eat fresh green vegetables, do not drink fresh milk, especially if you are pregnant” … )
    then maybe my twin grandsons would be alive and well today.

    I am also motivated by a sense of duty, to all our children.

    As a graduate of The University of Adelaide, I am diminished by this fraud.

    As a human being and a parent and a grandparent, I am threatened by this fraud.

    Notice issued December 12th 2012
    reference Notice121212

    by Brett Burnard Stokes phone 0438 814 302

    Contact Brett Stokes by email to


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