US sailors sue operators of Fukushima nuclear plant 2


US sailors sue operator of Fukushima nuclear plant
BY: RICK WALLACE, TOKYO CORRESPONDENT From: The Australian December 29, 2012 12:00AM
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US Navy sailors who say they were showered with radiation from the exploding Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant during relief operations are suing its operator, Tepco, for tens of millions of dollars.

A lawsuit believed to be the first example of foreigners suing the Japanese electric utility over last year’s tragedy has been lodged on behalf of eight sailors in a US federal court in San Diego.

The sailors were crew members of the USS Ronald Reagan, which played a pivotal role in the US government’s massive tsunami relief program called Operation Tomadachi.

The aircraft carrier was dispatched to the coast off Fukushima in the days after the disaster but had to move on March 14 when it became clear from radiation readings that fallout from the plant had reached its location.

The US Navy said at the time that 17 of the ship’s crew were exposed to “low-level” radiation but the total exposure was no higher than one month’s absorption of normal background radiation.

However, in the lawsuit, each of the eight sailors is seeking $US10 million ($9.6m) in compensation along with $US30m in punitive damages and a judgment requiring the creation of a $100m fund to pay for their medical monitoring and treatment.

They allege that Tepco and the Japanese government lied about the risks of fallout, causing the ship and its crew to be placed in danger.

“The defendant, Tepco, created an increased risk of radiation exposure to the plaintiffs by failing to provide them with warning of the actual increased risk of exposure,” the suit says. “The US Navy was lulled into a false sense of security” and the crew of the ship “believed it was safe to operate within the waters adjacent to the Fukushima plant”.

“Solely a result of the defendant’s negligence, carelessness and recklessness, the plaintiffs were caused to suffer severe and serious personal injuries to mind and body,” the suit says.

Tepco, which faces several proceedings in Japanese courts, confirmed this was the first lawsuit it had received from abroad. The company said it could not comment until it had received the documents from the case, which was filed on December 21.

The suit lists as the plaintiffs Lindsay Cooper, who served as an aviation boatswain’s mate on the flight deck, and seven other sailors, as well as a daughter born to one of the sailors in October last year.

The suit has been filed in the California Southern District Court in San Diego. end quote.

with this, it is now over to the US where sites such as Nature News have talked about the Naval staff and the risks to them for months. As the court documents are evidence of proven origin, I would urge readers to seek out all sites which discuss the contamination of aircraft, the aircraft carrier and the personnel since March 2011 despite denials by Tepco and JGov than anything was a miss and despite US assurances that nothing bad occurred. All of this is bullshit.

Contrary to what Flinders University of South Australia states on its web site, radioactive pollution emitted by exploding power plants is cause for concern, worry is rational, and radiation and radioactive substances, as proven by the radium dial painters and radiation workers and victims since Marie Curie have proven. The information put out by supposed institutions of learning which ignore informed consent and which claim radiation is like a vitamin and that anyone disagreeing is suffering a mental condition called “meltdown in reason” (not in DSMIV and therefore a new disease invented by Flinders University as paid by US DOE) is an abuse of medicine in the aid of the uranium industry. The uranium industry is not a medical industry and geologists who cite Sykes and Flinders University in issuing false health information about nuclear information are frankly full of bullshit and outside of their expertise. Any forced exposure to radiation is a breach of the Nuremberg Principles as confirmed by the final report of President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments of 1995. Copies are available from the US Congress and by Executive Order from the US DOE.

This completely undercuts the bullshit Sykes and Brooks of Flinders and Adelaide Universities respectively have been peddling in order, in my opinion, to aid the uranium industry to the effect of affecting uranium share prices with phony diagnosis of people affected by the triple meltdown of reactors in Japan in March 2011. Using the prestige of Adelaide, one such advocate claimed the Fukushima plant would be up and running by Dec 2012.

In fact, farms are ruined, children have recieved icrp defined lifetime dose levels of radiation exposure to thyroid and government lies sent nuclear refugees on a path of evacuation which carried them along the same route at the same time as the primary fallout cloud from the exploded vented, polluting and emitting reactors. All of this being denied at the time by the learned academics of the industry.

Adelaide University’s resident expert and spokesperson states in public plastic bags solves the problem of alpha emissions. OFF YOU GO BARRY . GO CLEAN UP JAPAN WITH LITTLE PLASTIC BAGS.

Paul Langley
45942 Australian Army Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Radiological Safety NCO, 2 years military training in alpha detection and effects of radiation.

Brooks – his quals are maths. Does this add up?

LET’S SEE IF THE COURT FINDS THAT RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCES EMIT VITAMIN LIKE EMISSIONS. As was similarly claimed in 1925 when the radium dial painting industry tried to defend itself against the fact that radium dial painters were sickening dying. Proven to be liars, the companies involved claimed the radiation induced disease was not that but rather STD caught by the dial painters because they were of “loose morals”.

History showed the radium industry to be wrong and in fact is a collective whore with the truth.

The same thing happening today. Far from being back on line by dec 2012, it will take 4 decades at least to decommission the Fuk reactors.
To clean up the mess in Japan, around the world and in the oceans is going to take more plastic bags this planet is capable of producing. And then there is the problem of collecting radioactive sources which it is illegal to unseal in the first place. Multiple exploding reactors venting fission and fuel products are in no way a health benefit. This is a fundamental lie put out by cultists paid by and influenced by the school of hormesis fostered and originated in the attempt to defeat the suffering and dying radium dial painters of the 20s and 30s. Do not forget history. Nuclear pollution is not medicine. It is an assault without consent. Anyone who claims otherwise may as well be a member of Operation Paperclip. Imported to voice knowledge in breach of the Nuremberg Principles. (Source: ACHRE Final Report, US Congress, 1995). If Adelaide and Flinders universities dont know this, do they qualify as places of higher learning in the matter ? No they dont.

I think so.

Who funds Flinders University to make its statements about the health benefits of nuclear pollution? The US DOE. Its mandate is to promote nuclear power.

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    Good News for The japanese since this will expose (pun intended) those that kept quiet both in Japan and the US Gov’t.

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