Aboriginal Truth Buried Under Atomic Fudge

Aboriginal Truth Buried Under Atomic Fudge

The refusal of British authorities to acknowledge that British nuclear weapon testing in Australia in the 1950s and related “minor trials” which continued into the 1960s (including some which contravened the spirit if not the bones of the LTBT) and the Operation Brumby “cleanup” which resulted in a worsened situation of contamination on Aboriginal land.

For many years a sign on the road from Maralinga to Oak Valley warned people to stay in their vehicles.

On this same land Aboriginal people hunted and hunt and gather.

A Vulcan bomber fired a loaded but disarmed nuclear missile over the Maralinga Range. The missile overshot its target, resulting in the missile disintegrating and spreading plutonium dust over a wide area off of the Range.

In the 1980s the Adelaide Advertiser reported on the discovery of plutonium in the Oak Valley school yard and buildings. The white teachers refused to work and returned to Adelaide. The people of Oak Valley had to continue to live there.

At the end of the nuclear test program, authorities were gracious apparently in their gift of prefab Maralinga buildings to the Aboriginal people of Oak Valley.

Some years ago a person with an alpha detector checked the buildings out. There was at that time, and this is mid 1990s from memory, alpha emitters still in those buildings, albeit immobilized under the paint.

James Hardie must wonder why it had to pay up (evacuating the nation asap to minimize the outlay) when nuclear authorities dealing with substances of greater hazard than asbestos get off scott free simply because they write their own rules and re-interpret and re-diagnose as needed.

Within the pages of this blog there is a detailed description of how nuclear authorities denied diagnosis for decades, “lost” medical records, when diagnosis of survivors was made 3 decades after the event, the event which caused the symptoms was not referenced and specifically in relation to recurrent local radiation injury to skin, which can become a chronic and cyclic event, outbreaks of symptoms recurring in cycles over decades. This is diagnosed in at least some cases, one specifically known to me, not as local radiation injury (beta burn) but as psoriasis. Why? Because contrary to IAEA rules (where radiation is present it MUST be considered in diagnosis) the skin lesions examined 30 years after the event were not contextualized within the environment and setting in which the symptoms first arose. That is, within 2 weeks or sooner after the afflicted people had been engulfed in the Black Mist of the Totem 1 atomic bomb of October 1953. No aid was given and the event dismissed by authorities at the time and with mockery later.
In 1954 the US Castle Bravo nuclear bomb disaster awoke the world. For, boasting its prowess for the world to see, the US had invited media to witness what was the largest nuclear weapon detonated by the United States. The bomb was claimed “larger than expected” and the wind changed direction “unexpectedly”. These are claims. Foresight appropriate to the undertaking is a minimum requirement in US law.

The residents of the Marshall Islands were “snowed” upon by the Castle Bravo fallout. Due to the coral sands and high calcium carbonate content of the Pacific test site, the nature of the fallout was different in colour and texture to the Australian fallout which was described as bluey black and black (fractionalized) cloud. Sticky and oily in one component, lighter and dusty in the other.

The fallout of both the Totem 1 test and the Castle Bravo were both however carriers of fission and fuel products.

In contrast to the blind denial of British and Australian authorities, who relied upon the isolation of the afflicted outposts, the US had to fess up in front of the world’s media.

Experts were rapidly deployed from the Atomic Energy Commission and the US Special Weapons Unit. US service personnel had also been affected. It was found that the finger nails of affected Afro-Americans became discoloured, a sign not shown by affected white Americans. This was not surprising as it had been well known in US nuclear medicine for many years.


The urine tests of the affected Islanders showed Strontium 89 at concentrations “close to tolerance levels”. Skin samples from Islanders who had suffered skin burns from the fallout were taken and flown to the AEC labs in the US, where they were compared to skin samples of Nevada cattle and sheep skin which had suffered local radiation injury from Nevada bomb fallout. The US concluded that the Islanders suffered the same condition. Beta burn. (US Congressional Hearings, 1957, US DOE Opennet documents relating Cronkite’s report from the Marshall Islands).


No such medical diagnosis was made a year earlier in Australia when so many Aboriginal Australians reported, to deaf ears, the exact same symptoms and signs as those suffered by the Marshall Islanders and DIAGNOSED in context with the presence of fallout by US military and medial authorities.

It has been a constant source of frustration to me for many years than the MEDICAL precedent of the diagnosis of the Marshall Islanders by the United States gives the lie to the British claim that the illnesses and death suffered by Australian Aborigines at the time and since cannot be proven to have been caused by nuclear fallout.

It is an easy thing to deny diagnosis, as was done – affected people asked for diagnosis in 1953 and later and doctors in Australia REFUSED to give a diagnosis.

Now, in 2013, British authorities claim nothing can be proven to show it is liable for the suffering and death it visited by its actions and in concert with Australian authorities upon Aboriginal people.

As much respect as I have for Patrick B, for I know he has been tenacious in this matter over many years, as have the surviving victims and kin, I must say the answer lies in medicine – the legalese is not the answer. Rather a simple application on review of long standing Health Physics principles and rules of long standing can be applied now to the afflicted people.

And so it is a lie that lack of proof is a barrier which presents “no way forward” for justice for the Australian Aboriginal atomic bomb victims.

It is just another nuclear lie.

This article is ongoing.

A full report of what I found in relation to Lallie Lennon’s testimony and oral history is contained in a publication which was sent to the State and Federal governments and to the IAEA.

I received no reply from the IAEA in regard to Australia’s and Britain’s breach of procedure in regard to the diagnosis of Beta Burn (local radiation injury). Such injuries can be used as dose markers. And this fact is unwelcome.

As the US reported in relation to the Marshall Islanders, there is no such thing as “Beta Burn ointment”. The US found in 1954 that topical ointments were effective. It so happens that psoriasis treatment also works. But the treatment used is not a tool of diagnosis. It is method of easing suffering. It took until the 1980s for even this. That and daily soaks in coal tar baths. The suffering continues and so do the lies.

From my perspective, the loss of medical records from Maralinga and Port Augusta Hospitals was a well planned act. The absence of medical teams and lack of diagnosis for decades is a deliberate now used by Britain in its courts.

He who controls the bombs maketh the rules. But the rules do not reflect the truth.

The study I undertook and published, with Lallies oral history and permission, merely scrapes the surface but strongly indicates that the reports of the nature of the fallout and the effects accords very closely to the technical reports written by US forces from 1948 on. Including those documents relating the Zebra Event of Operation Sandstone in which US Personnel suffered Beta Burn. Initially mistaken for bruises on the skin, it was realized within a fortnight by US medical experts that the fractionalized fallout components (heavy, sticky . Ligher and dusty) were radiologically as well as physically different. One was a primary gamma emitter, the other, beta.

One was the residue of bomb casing and tower, the other the result of the soil sucked up into the fireball, which, upon condensation, became coated, like icing on a cake, with fission products. The other, mainly condensed metal, was uniformly radioactive all the way through, and the gamma emissions from it was the result of neutron activation at the time of detonation.

The Black Mist of 1953 reflected the Australian soil type, as did the radioactive “snow” like flakes of fallout which fell upon the Marshall Islands.

One group was diagnosed, the other was denied diagnosis. It is this denial of aid at the time that is now used by my other government to deny justice to Australian Aborigines today. As a person with dual British and Australian citizenship, I remain appalled at the lies both governments continue to peddle in regard to the effects of the atomic tests in Australia. Although the CEO of ARPANSA has denied in writing that the atomic bombs could have caused any harm, a sealed and suppressed court hearing found, upon the medical evidence, to the contrary.

The dose estimates used by Australia are concoctions of the British and are not to be trusted.

The British authorities have failed to show cause as to why its estimates can be considered anything more than arithmetic used as a self serving statement.

This characteristic dishonesty is not unique to the English. Although the USA took seriously the concerns of farmers for their dead sheep and cattle – in secret until the 1970s – to this day the same skin lesions found on Nevada sheep and cattle, Marshall Islanders and Australian Aborigines were also found on the school children of Warm Springs and Dry Springs, Nevada.

Martha B L and Joe F Snr fought for many years over the nuclear injustice in America. Joe, like many farmers, an appointed radiation monitor. What he fought resulted in an intense exchange between himself and the US nuclear authorities. He took photographs of ground level nuclear clouds with a camera sealed in a lead box with aperture. The clouds were at the same approximate distance as the Black Mist witnessed by so many Aboriginal Australians. Like the Aborigines in Australia, Joe was over 100 miles from detonation point. Joe took his photos in 1953.

At no point in its deliberations did the Australian Royal Commission into the British Atomic Tests in Australia consider these well known photographs.

The US medical literature records a leukemia peak which follows the period of atomic testing precisely.

Yet, according to Great Britain, despite the vast database of proof to the contrary, maintains its bombs were safe.

And still America, while not denying the undeniable about the Marshall Islanders, still denies any harm to humans even as it confessed, decades after the events, to killing entire flocks of sheep with fallout.

Perhaps we need not a doctor to draw the link for the British legal system.

Perhaps we need a vet.

There is more here: http://betaburns.wordpress.com/ This is taken from the report I contributed to, comparing the statements and oral history of the witness and sufferer, Lallie Lennon, with the US texts authored by the US Congress, the AEC, the US Special Weapons Unit and Galsstone’s “Effedts of Nuclear Weapons”. Of these texts, only the last was referenced by the Royal Commission, even though the Special Weapons Unit publication “Effects of Nuclear Fallout” contained, at the time of the sittings, more recent declassified material and special dosimetry related to skin lesions from beta burn. External signs are all the layman has. Beta Burns can be read by the trained as well and as easily as a dosimeter or film badge. There is a self serving imperative on the part of the British to deny the obvious. The skin lesions must, under IAEA diagnostic guidelines, be considered in relation to the presence of radiation at the time. British algebra is an inadequate excuse when it is known that Australian stock losses due to mouth cancer occurred at the time and after. Now, I might be simple in my approach, but a full reading of the evidence indicates that there is a case to answer and that the official response is a fabrication which is incongruent with what is known, reported, recorded, remembered and testified to. As well as that there has been medical malpractice which originated in 1953 at least and which is now officially forgotten. Mark Oliphant consulted to Hedley Marston.Oliphant was ex Manhattan Project and British. He was banned as a security risk by the Brisith during the atomic tests. Marston stated plainly that radio iodine was found in a 1,500 mile wide band right across the nation in the thyroids of sheep. He calculated (no doubt with Oli phants help) the Sr90 content resultant from the I131 found. (Sr89 still being secret at that time, as was, as far as the British were concerned, the fission product list) . In the 1950s Marston wrote that the proof of the harm would be found in the bones of Australia’s children. At that very time the secret Project Sunshine was stealing human bones from still born babies from Australian hosptials, and sending the tissue to the University of Chicago, where its strontium content was measured. Australia later continued the project at its own facilities. Pathologists being paid in secret. The Project ended in the 1970s.

There is not just one isotope of concern, there are hundreds. Sr90 as a long term hazard is not the greatest contributor to immediate dose close in time to detonation. Sr89 has by far the greater immediate dose contribution and is the more immediate weapon substance. For all the talk of Sr90, for all Australia’s Ministerial admissions that the “nuclear testing harmed people”, there is never any name or address given by authorities for those who were harmed. Of the still born babies with Sr90 in their bones, how many died because of radiological insult? While Sr90 is a marker from which the other substances can be calculated, authorities never discuss this. They ignore the total burden and mention in public, to those who still remember the controversy, the Sr90 and Cesium values. There is more involved than that.

There is cause and effect, it is known, it is proven. It is admitted. The species excluded from consideration in relation to this knowledge is Homo Sapiens.

All of these aspects of deception are routine and unquestioned by the youngsters who run today’s nuclear undertakings. The dead men keep their secrets and the lies are taken to be holy truths. Truths that enable the continued abuse of ordinary people.

They might be super men but they are not faster than a speeding bullet. They rely on entire people to forget. It is not going to happen.

From the ABC :


No way forward for Maralinga victims
Updated Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:20pm AEDT


Aboriginal people exposed to British atomic tests in the South Australian outback have been told by lawyers their fight for compensation is over because it is impossible to prove radiation caused their illnesses.

Seven atomic bombs were detonated at Maralinga in the 1950s and ’60s on land that has since between handed back to traditional owners.

The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement employed legal firm Hickman and Rose to pursue a class action in the British courts on behalf of Aboriginal people from the area.

The movement’s director of legal services Christopher Charles says the firm is unable to mount a case because it cannot prove ionising radiation is dangerous to human health.

“Regrettably it’s been made very clear that they just cannot proceed in the English courts,” he said.

“Modern medical science has to date not been able to find a way to prove a causation link between ionising radiation and subsequent illness and until such time that causative link is proven and able to be proven, these cases won’t be able to proceed.

“It’s only people who might have been affected by radiation that are the ones who are able to make a claim but if you can’t prove the link between ionising radiation and illness because medical science hasn’t got to the stage where you can prove the link, then that’s basically the end of the story.”

Aboriginal people were planning to join the class action if the case was allowed to proceed.

“There were a range of people who’d been interviewed and for whom interests had been taken as to whether they could be assisted. There were a range of people Aboriginal from all over the state,” Mr Charles said.

He says they were informed of the news in a DVD prepared by Hickman and Rose that was sent to Aboriginal communities at Ceduna and Yalata.

“Obviously they couldn’t come out to Australia and address all of the people but providing a DVD they had a real face to face explanation as to what the position was,” he said.

Mr Charles says Aboriginal people have been deeply disappointed by the development.

“I don’t think that anyone’s very happy about that. I’ve no doubt that they’re not happy about it but it was our duty to give them the best possible information as to what the present situation was and that’s why we got the DVD from the English law firm,” he said.

“I don’t think anyone would dispute the trauma that was caused to Aboriginal people and to non-Aboriginal people to servicemen, everybody, about the nuclear tests was a matter of grave ruction in Australian society at the time it occurred.

“It’s certainly a matter that has rippled down over the years and it’s caused a great deal of distress all over the place.”

Last year, Britain’s Supreme Court blocked an attempt by 1,000 British Maralinga veterans to seek compensation over the tests.

end quote

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    Less well know than this, is the current secret arrangement to test the very lethal weaponry of UK’s unmanned killer drones, also in South Australian outback.
    As long as its on aboriginal land – any military atrocity to the environment is apparently just fine.

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