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Hello Ian,

Many thanks for the information on the mBAND. I have attempted to obtain, on payment. any cytogenetic test within the UK but they refuse to carry one out when they realise I am a nuclear Veteran.

Out of interest, I have attached a copy of a letter sent to me from David Cameron’s Office in December 2009 when he was leader of the Opposition and a copy of my recent letter (December 2012) requesting an update on the situation. I am still waiting for an acknowledgement.

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Subject: RE: A legal path to compensation.


The answer lies in the newer mBAND test, not the less specific mFISH test


Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 03:46:40 +0000

Hello Patrick and all interested Parties,

Many thanks for your e-mails. I still believe the answer lies in a cytogenetic ‘FISH’ blood analysis of all nuclear Veterans. I have attached a copy of a letter received from the Scottish Parliament which shows the edicts of the HPA (controlled by the Ministry of Defence) are being adhered to.

The attempts to discredit the value of the cytogenetic blood analysis due to the time factor are proven to be incorrect as attachment img 006 proves. They were even able to distinguish which bomb caused the most damage after almost 50 years.

In addition to the cytogenetic blood analysis carried out in 1983 at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh and the 47 ex-New Zealand Naval Ratings in the Rowland study, the HPA (formerly the NRPB) covertly sent 18 samples of nuclear Veterans blood to the Leiden University in the Netherlands in the 1990s for a Cytogenetic blood analysis.

The HPA have yet to reveal the true findings. If these samples had proved negative, the results would have been posted for all to see that no harm befell the Servicemen. Secrecy is only required if there is something to hide.

Perhaps the secrecy surrounding the radiation levels nuclear veterans received has more to do with safeguarding the Civilian nuclear industry than concern over those who were radiated.

All the best


End quote.

Here we have a modern day denial of examination, measurement and diagnosis. Just as the original game plan called for. When diagnosis does take place, make sure its general medicine only making the calls and not radio-biology or health physics. Though Health Physics these has been perverted by hormesis and university funding via the cult of hormesis within nations’ power structures.

The same denial of actual examination, measurement and diagnosis is being conducted in Japan today as people seeking urine and blood tests for fission products and fuel are turned away from public hospitals on the order of the Japanese government and nuclear village. Any sign of illness in the people of Fukushima is and has been literally put down to “mental weakness”. This is all familiar stuff to Aborigines and Nuclear ExService Personnel.

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