Marshall Islands criticizes U.S. over nuclear compensation ‘Exploding epidemic of cancer cases,’

This situation stills stands.

11 MARCH 2012

Marshall Islands criticizes U.S. over nuclear compensation
‘Exploding epidemic of cancer cases,’
$2 billion
in unpaid claims.

By Giff Johnson
Marianas Variety

Marshall Islanders accused the United States government of refusing to provide adequate nuclear test compensation on the 58th anniversary of the largest American hydrogen bomb test that exposed thousands of islanders to radioactive fallout.

Islanders marked the national holiday in the Marshall Islands for March 1 with a candlelight vigil for those who suffered and died as a result of the 67 U.S. tests at Bikini and Enewetak.

U.S. Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Martha Campbell told the event in Majuro Thursday evening that “the United States has provided nearly $600 million in compensation and assistance to the Republic of the Marshall Islands to help the affected communities overcome the effects of nuclear testing,” and noted that the U.S. and Marshall Islands governments had agreed to “a full and final settlement of all nuclear-related claims” in 1983.

But Foreign Minister Phillip Muller called on the United States to pay the more than $2 billion in unpaid awards made by a Nuclear Claims Tribunal that exhausted its U.S. government-provided funding.

“Today we are witnessing an exploding epidemic of cancer cases,” said Charles Domnick, an islander who was 12 years old and living on an island about 400 miles downwind when the U.S. detonated Bravo, a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb test at Bikini. “Cancers, birth anomalies and other radiogenic diseases make a compelling argument for the United States to reopen the nuclear issue,” Domnick said. “But because our population is limited, the United States takes the position these numbers are statistically insignificant and that we have in fact received compensation for all damages past, present and future.”

Domnick criticized the settlement agreement reached nearly 30 years ago as unfair to the Marshall Islands. “What kind of a champion of democracy would have the callousness to demand from people it injures forgiveness for all future liabilities?” he said.

Muller said the Marshall Islands was “insulted” that the U.S. government chose March 1 as the date to announce a missile test launch between Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and the Reagan Test Site at Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. He said it was “an unfortunate date” for the U.S. to schedule a Minuteman missile test. The U.S. announced the test last week, but on Wednesday cancelled the launch.

end quote.

In so far as proofs exist, they exist in abundance in the Marshall Islands, and this proof exists both as the result of the actual experience of the people and as a result of the USA, being under the gaze of the (invited) world media and standing condemned by Japan for causing the death and injury of Japanese fishermen in the fallout path, conducted blood and urine tests, carried skin biopsies and assessed risk. The US Congressional Records of 1957 and 1959 were too optimistic but do present some the proofs. For example, AEC’s Cronkite reported to Congress that Strontium 89 in the Marshall Islander people in 1954 was “at the maximum permissible level”.

The skin biopsies confirmed that beta radiation burn, a recurrent affliction were wounds have a tendency to reopen over many decades, and which may involve the death of areas of tissue. This was minimized at the time “No need for plastic surgery, no sight of cancer or malignant change”, in 1957.

However by 1987 the recognition the proof allowed had resulted in the identification of many cases of skin cancer in those afflicted by beta burn.

And so on.

In Australia, there is still proofs. This consists of disease types, but diagnosis was delayed and took place within the wrong school of medicine. Radiation was discounted and doses were never measured, but were estimated. Increasingly, it is apparent that the dose estimates involve self serving algebra concocted deep in the heart of London.

Yet still there are the wide spread reports of blindness and skin burns. The deaths of people in the isolated outback.

None of this taken seriously or seriously responded to. Even the Royal Commission failed to adequately respond.

The entire situation is one of deliberate blindness, a type of official nuclear blindness. That the same situation exists in the United States as exists in Australia is ironic when the presence of world media forced the US to conduct reasonable testing upon the afflicted people of the Marshall Islanders. That nation did not conduct such tests on its own Down Winders, nor does it allow the harms suffered in America as a result.

And so the Anglophile world follows the lead of the United States, and noone is encouraged to say “I am a Marshall Islander too”.

Nothing is sacred when comes to protection of the interests who would continue to generate radionuclide pollution of the world.

France goes it’s own way, admitting harm one minute and denying justice the next.

In Japan, if you have symptoms similar or the same as those suffered by the Marshall Islanders (and others) then it was not the nuclear clouds from 3 exploding reactors that was the cause. You are sick, according to the government sponsored experts because you are “weak minded. Happy people are not affected by radiation”. And that is a quote.

Is it right? Of course not. Radiogenic disease is function of biology including abnormal cellular chemistry.

No other industry has enjoyed such propaganda in the preservation of its status within the free market world. It is a military imperative, just as propping up the car industry is.

Who will build the trucks and tanks en mass next time there is a need? Same thing with nuclear weapons. You need reactors for the bomb fuel. That is why the first one was built. It was the reason the Australian government wanted one in the 60s and the reason why it wants one now.

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    Face it the Nuclear Industry’s strangle hold over Governments varies from complete to just about complete, except in Germany where they have started to “Just Say N☢” …

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