A Personal Account of Operation Dominic and its Effects. USS Cabildo

Rose Mary Merrltt writes:


The USS Cabildo participated in operation Dominic as a unit of Joint Task Force 8, operating in support of nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean. The ship’s duties were to take the natives off their island for their own protection during the test. They delivered and set up targets for the tests. Shipping the natives off their island had on one occasion of having to avoid a hot cloud.

My deceased husband, Troy mention to me that he had witnessed the explosion. He remember watching and seeing a big plum that looked like a mushroom. I recall Troy stating he remember viewing a white cloud cover and the residue falling in the ship from the nuclear fallout of the testing as he stood topside on the ship. Debris floated over head, and in the sea, the island looked as if it was on fire. It then rained down on him and others and most of them got soaked. He would tell me this story over and over, over the years of our marriage. I also, remember his telling me to hold on to his military paperwork, because I may need them someday.

Troy passed away from Glioblastoma a form of Brain Cancer. My search is to find out what the after affects of the testing on the ship crew and the islanders? The staff at the hospital where he was treated seem to think it may be a result of his exposure. If anyone has any information regarding this, please advise.

Thank you,

Rose ”

Thank you Rose.

If anyone involved in Dominic or with knowledge of it, or is victim of it, or witness to it, please leave a comment. If you wish to contact Rose privately, leave a comment headed Private for Rose and I will pass along your contact to Rose.



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    I hope you get some answers instead of just more run around!

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