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The information conveyed by Mr Whyte’s comments in the preceding post form the basis of my nuclear world view.

In the general sense.

I think that nuclear victims globally share the same conceptual path from exposure to attempted official suppression, isolation and denial such as Dave has tragically and courageously encountered, experienced and reported.

This is a military and civilian corruption scandal of immense proportions. The modus operandi perfected by the world’s military industrial complex and authorised by governments globally from the dawn of the atomic age can clearly be seen in the 1940s (See the critiques of Groves and Laurence on line :,

(if you are in a hurry, just read the last one.)

One can of course, go back further to find the genesis of the schema.
To 1925. When medicine first proved the link between radium ingestion and the condition known from that time through the 1930s as Radium Jaw.

Whereas in court the radium painting companies claimed the ailment, suffering and death was veneral disease, and that it was not its fault that the industry seemed to attract young women of “loose morals”.

(These companies were contracted mainly by the US Military, who had watched the progress of dial painter disease with keen interest since 1918 in Europe and then in the US. It had been noted early and with interest in America that European radium painters (where the technique originated prior to the 1920s) had luminous hair, seen most clearly when they stood in groups at night. (Source: P Frame, Oak Ridge Associated Universities Museum.)

See this site, it holds a photograph of Radium Jaw suffered by a young radium dial painter and is most important. Particularly for cultists who follow the false religion of radiation hormesis, as the radium industry has since it commenced:

Today, the US Department of Energy Low Dose research site claims health benefit from “low dose” radiation and advocates (esp via its contractor in New Mexico, Bobby Scott) an increase in household radon gas (a decay product of radium, the gas measured by Robley Evans in the 1930s as he tried to help the radium painters, by calculating, via the measured radon concentration in their breath, how much radium was in their bones.)

Google Bobby Scott radon read some of what you find and then go to and you will see a pattern. There is a clash of opposing views. No EPA radon survey of any US residential dwelling in any US State has ever found a decrease in lung cancer where radon levels in the home are elevated. The EPA states: “Exposure to radon in the home is responsible for an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year. Radon is a health hazard with a simple solution. Read “A Citizen’s Guide to Radon”.”

Bobby Scott writes: “Residential Radon Appears to Prevent Lung Cancer
Bobby R. Scott, in “Dose Response”, v.9(4); 2011 >PMC3315166 at Compare this paper with the EPA findings and information.

Who is right? The EPA is charged in part with public safety. Bobby Scott is a contractor of the US Department of Energy via his employment at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, a major centre in New Mexico, which has as its clients, the US DoD and the US DOE. One of these funders is charged with procurement and maintenance of the US nuclear arsenal. The other is charged with promoting nuclear industry.

Who has the best chance of being believable? Depends what you do for a living I guess.

Read em both. Read as much Bobby Scott/DoD/DOE as you like. Its a free country. Find and read the EPA survey results of radon and lung cancer in the US state by state.

None the less, Scott, in the conclusion to his paper cited above states:
If after adjusting for smoking and other lung cancer risk factors it is found that the lung cancer OR, RR, or hazard ratio increases, this should be a warning that something is possibly wrong with the analytical methods used in studying radon-associated cancer.” emphasis added.

(Dave Whyte and every other nuclear veteran and every other nuclear victim has heard the generic equivalent in court voiced by the defendant’s legal team. Breaking the causal link established in 1925.

So Bobby reckons, by implication, that the Goldilocks routine applies to the dial painters. Too much, sure you are dead. Too little, well you aren’t going to live as long as if you were a dial painter who licked your brush the number of times that was JUST RIGHT.

How much is that? The DOE is spending billions trying to find out. But there is a fatal flaw. Any Health Physics competent person will acknowledge that risk accompanies dose. AND that dose x recieved at a single point in time carries the same risk as that same dose x when accumulated over a lifetime. So, if Bobby is to have any credence with me, he has to show how he adds up the accumulating dose. For his single instance bullshit which assumes the test dose is the only dose to be received in a test subject’s lifetime is, in my opinion, total Radium Corp all over again. And of course, one of Bobby’s heroes would be Marshall Brucer. The Father of Hormesis. I have a dossier on him. I also have his book. Brucer reckoned some dial painters lived longer than because they were radium dial painters. (Apparently Brucer had access to the parallel universe where the non dial painting clones of the dial painters live.)

What Bobby Scott is writing as original work is not original in concept, though it is original in specifics, it is a rehash of the material which were discredited by the scientists who led the anti nuclear movement from 1945 on. Say until the deaths of Gofman and Commoner. (Barry Commoner (May 28, 1917 – September 30, 2012) ).

There is at least a temporal factor being ignored by the hormesis cultists.

And dose response increases as a function of increased respiration rates. So if you are a manual worker, your “just right dose” (there is no such thing Bobby) is going to be way lower than the owner of Betchel Corp. (Alexander, 1957, Hibernating European Bats at LD100 all survive until waking and eating their first meal. Hersey, 1946, quoting Hiroshima doctors who observed at same distance from hypocentre, manual workers busy at detonation time died much more frequently than people who were at the same distance, and who had the same shielding factors as the manual workers but who were resting or asleep.

Scott and others refuse to put their experimental mice under respiratory load during experimental ultra low dose experiments. My requests to one contractor to do this were of course ignored.

If you google radium disease 1925, the year US medicine proved the causal relationship between radium uptake and radium painter disease, you will find a flurry of papers published that same year such as this: “27 March 1925 USE OF RADIUM. TREATMENT OF DISEASES. LONDON, March 26. A scientific discovery of far-reaching character in tho radium treatment of cancer ….”

But as Brucer himself points out in his “Chronology of Nuclear Medicine”, it was Alexander Graham Bell who suggested the use of radium needles and they were used in the US from 1901. Point being radium needles are removable. And of course the old radon gas treatments for lung cancer. And then that brings in the acknowledged cost/benefit in terms of life span of patients. Its complex. But why, in the year of bulk bad press for radium, was there a flurry of scientific papers promoting the “miracles” of radium in medicine? Brucer wrote that he was fighting radiation hysterics, just as Scott and Sykes do.

TEPCO share holders for example.

Then, Bobby, there are people who want the truth. And ask for it and query their governments. Is that a melt down in reason sir? Is the concept of “radiation safety” actually one that attempts to keep the industry “safe from the public”?

The same battle via learned journal and mass media took place from 1925 in the US as a result of industry fears the public might abandon it due to the radium dial painter scandal.

In 1939 Albert Einstein carefully explained in his famous letter to President Roosevelt the dangers of nuclear fallout using the conceptual term “radium like substances” as the President would understand, at that time, the dangers of radium, but might not, in 1939, understand the correct technical term “fission product”.

And so at the very start of the Uranium Committee, as secretly funded by the President from 1939, which led to the S1 Committee which basically, carried out the President’s orders and recruited Groves and his Corps of ENGINEERS to form the Manhattan Project. Groves mission: To scale up the laboratory level discoveries, provide infrastructure to support the solving of the remaining scientific barriers so as to produce a bomb.

And to do it before the war ended. In 1943 British Intelligence confirmed that Germany was unable to produce a reactor which was not not vulnerable to fire, was incorrect in its main program critical mass calculation and had not yet isolated plutonium. And by war’s end Hahn confirmed it indeed did not. Further he confirmed the list of fission products known to German science by 1945 was less than half the number identified by the Manhattan Project scientists. (Mainly Seaborg, Segre, Abelson and so on. Hahn was the chief researcher in Germany, equivalent to Seaborg as a radio chemist. Hahn was anti Nazi, proven by his aid, in conjunction with a British agent who he knew to be one, supplied to fleeing Jews. It was Hahn in conjunction with British Agents in Germany who ensured in December 1938 that the fission discovery would be published in early 1939.

And that advanced knowledge loops straight back to the goings on in Belgium and the Belgian Congo, and to Staten Island.

Military science had been searching for a means of implementing the 1905 insights of Einstein since Pauling gave them credence. The first book describing an atomic bomb by name was published in 1914. “The physicist Leó Szilárd read the book in 1932, the same year the neutron was discovered. In 1933 he conceived the idea of neutron chain reaction, and filed for patents on it in 1934”. The patents were withdrawn by Szilard for fear of alerting Germany. He asked the British Navy to hold them.

The original British patent papers know reside at the University California, San Diego.

As E.O. Lawrence of UC Berkeley reported repeatedly to the Committees, a nuclear reactor using uranium would produce plutonium fuel for bombs much more quickly and in greater bulk than any isotopic enrichment of uranium would produce a reliable and fast supply of bomb fuel uranium.

As for the safety of the “radium like substances” both the reactors and the bombs produced, this was the point at which the deployment of the “radium like deception” was first deployed not by dial painting companies, but by the US military and its corporate suppliers. Under the authority of successive Commanders in Chief. To the present day.

It’s been perfectly safe since 1945, but in 1939, the President grasped the danger of fission products in the term used by Einstein “Radium-like” and “in vast amounts”.

Today, more and more people wonder if humans of any hat colour are capable of handling an increasing stockpile of this “vast amount” of radio chemicals.

If Sr89 and some other fission products have a rate of radioactivity 28,000 times that of radium, per curie ( 1curie = radioactivity of 1 gram of radium) (so simple they had to change the measure to make it harder to visualise) then, adjusting for type and energy of radiation , one can confidently say an amount of Sr89 28,000 times smaller in weight than the amount of radium which guaranteed radium disease in dial painters, will (adding a little mass for quality factor) produce a similar outcome. Say, downwind of a gaggle of reactors that can’t possibly explode. But did. What does 1 curie of Sr89 look like? Its about, roughly, 1/28,000 times smaller (x11 or something) than 1 curie of radium. How much radium is guaranteed to kill? 1 micro curie. What does 1 micro curie of Sr89 look like? can you see it with the naked eye?

I suppose I haven’t allowed for statistical error Bobby. I call my car “Unit 5”. It hasn’t blown up. Yet. It will one day. My last one did.

The first shipment of high grade uranium ore departed from the Belgium Congo by boat in 1939. It was headed for Staten Island, New York, New York.

Staten Island remains contaminated today.

A fraction of the story of the Belgian Congo uranium stored on Staten Island is told here:

Quote: “At 25 Broadway, we visited a minor but important site — the Cunard Building. Edgar Sengier, a Belgian with an office here, had his company mine about 1,200 tons of high-grade uranium ore and store it on Staten Island in the shadow of the Bayonne Bridge. Though a civilian, he knew of the atomic possibilities and feared the invading Germans might confiscate his mines.

Dr. Norris said General Groves, on his first day in charge, sent an assistant to buy all that uranium for a dollar a pound — or $2.5 million. “The Manhattan Project was off to a flying start,” he said, adding that the Belgian entrepreneur in time supplied two-thirds of all the project’s uranium.”

Some of this article is incorrect. The Belgian nation had been the main global supplier of radium pre WW2. At the Congo mines, Belgian companies would separate uranium – seen, prior to 1939, as useless – from its decay progeny, radium. From 1939 on, the slag became the ore, and Radium, well it had and has its uses.

But who authorised Edgar Sengier to ship tons of ore to the USA, starting in 1939?

British Intelligence using British scientists, in communication with Belgium. Particularly the Minister for Colonies for the Congo the Belgian Government. List of Ministers for the Belgium Congo:
gets 15. Albert De Vleeschauwer Catholique 15 mai 1938 – 22 février 1939
16. Gaston Heenen Catholique 21 février 1939 – 16 avril 1939
17. Albert De Vleeschauwer Catholique 16 avril 1939 – 31 janvier 1945

In all probability, Loomis, who was one American with very special relationships with British and European scientists, was a back channel to the President. And while Albert Einstein had anticipated the need to do something about securing Congo/Belgian uranium (he made specific mention of it in his letter to the President in 1939), at the time the President got round to reading the letter (August 1939) the first uranium ships were already at the docks at Staten Island. (It takes a bit to establish these facts. To my satisfaction at least, I have. See how you go confirming or refuting this information.

Maybe start here:

tip: This story is so large a dataset that one might as well do as Film maker David Bradbury suggests: forget about “black hats and white hats.” It’s about what actually happened. And about the deception deployed at home and abroad to enable the post war reality the US Commanders in Chief believed (on advice from the military industrial complex named the S1 Committee and its subordinate, the Manhattan Project. And that advice was this: To avoid the condemnation of the world, neither the USA, nor it’s cooperative participant nations (especially England) could ever fully disclose the nature of the effects of the weapon it was building.

Further, to fully disclose this information would condemn forever the concept of a nuclear reactor as a civilian installation. The US believed it had to race into the peace in order to maintain it. And so thousands of pay cheques came to be dependent upon the production of bomb fuel.

Does any one really know how many bombs the USA had in reserve in September 1945? For the next decades, it raced to make plutonium and build bombs. The need for secrecy grew post WW2. It did not decrease, at least not in the manner one would expect. And that secrecy lived in a land at peace and which had, prior to December 1941, when censorship first fell upon US nuclear science, been used to open peer review. From December 1941 that ceased. The record shows outrage in Universities around the US at the highest level, an outrage at the censorship of the science of the nature of matter and energy itself.

The official response was a report to the American people. The Smyth Report, Atomic Energy for Military Purposes.

Though interesting, and open, it leaves much out.

It has a special role today. Written in the terminology of the era, it describes radiation in a manner which is clear and in fact, in one aspect, in a manner which today many people might find strange.


Reactors produces far more “radium like substances” per second of operation than any atomic bomb. And when a reactor blow up (which, since 1971 the US public was told, was impossible) or leak as they regularly do, God help the innocent, for at that point, it is, in terms of information control and propaganda, August – September 1945 all over again.

When I look at nuclear history from the point of view of isolation, suppression and denial of nuclear victims, well, you may as well just read the quotes from Groves published in the Washington Post in 1945 and later. Even his senior subordinates in the USA and those despatched to Japan to document the horror were gob smacked by the lies. Radiation sickness is propaganda from the enemy. What crap. But that’s how the British and Australian still view such claims from their own nuclear victims.

The strange thing about the USA though is this. It must, until some despot changes its fundamental principles, release information to the public as soon as it possibly can. And unlike the United Kingdom and its former colonies (especially down here), well, there is absolutely nothing stopping those governments from repeatedly saying ” We have lost the Maralinga Hospital Records. There is no evidence of disease from the bomb tests.” A patently false claim which His or Her Royal Highness might, if they so choose, or desire, correct with the release of the relevant in the year 2525. Or whenever they like.

What in times of war might be a valid secret becomes, in a civil and civic society, what is known today as the corruption of the global nuclear slum.

Being the character I am, what I see from 1918 to 2013 is the same repeating patterns of events in nuclear history. Over and Over again. The only thing which changes is the date and time.

It is a tragic and predictable Mandelbrot set of misery. where since the first industrialization of radium in Europe then the US and every other nuclear event thereafter forms a temporal coast along which one sails like a fool. For unless you keep looking at the date and time, you could be anywhere. For each point along the coast looks like the preceding one, and where you are predicts exactly where you will be next. The same place, but a bit older.

Some years ago, there was a world wide meeting of nuclear veterans in the USA. Terry went. He met the Russians and all the others.

Good morning Moscow. Come in. Over.

When one looks at the Occupational Health and Safety Laws the Radium Dial Painters’ case had produced by 1935, there is not a snowflakes chance in Spent Fuel Pool Number 4 that Edgar Sengier could have legally placed his tons of “high grade uranium ore” on Staten Island, New York, New York, of his own volition. Imagine for a moment if he had. Imagine what the US Customs official would have asked, and his or her reaction to Mr Sengier’s answer. 1,200 tons of high grade uranium ore. It could only land if someone on high knew it was coming and they wanted it to land.

The whole idea that the atomic bomb and nuclear industry was the product of self volition and free enterprise is total crap and still is.

What the industry blames on “Chaos” beyond it’s control, is in actual fact the butterfly of reality fluttering its wings. And that idea has been understood for a long time.

Yet, for all the decades this has been known, for all the decades that the Emergency Core Cooling Systems of reactors have been known to be inadequate beyond 8 hours, contrary to millions of nuclear industry words, the Nuclear despots continue to claim that reactors cannot blow up. And that noone has been hurt by a nuclear test. Or by any radiation exposure produced by nuclear industry. And that the children of reactor accidents will be fine, for, it is promoted, easy to take a thyroid gland out, and simple and painless to live one’s life munching artificial endocrine system drugs.


While at the same time medical science searches for a way to undo the harm of radiation therapies, so as to produce better, less limited health damage / health benefit ratios. It works because cancer cells are more fragile than healthy cells. But to kill a cancer cell means injury to healthy ones as well. That’s the double edged sword. Simple in concept as that. For nuclear industry to claim itself and its pollution as a medication via controlled and uncontrolled release is false.

If there is no imformed patient consent, it is not medicine. If there is no medical need, it is not medicine. Bobby Scott might write a zillion words to the contrary, but he is not my doctor and I do not consent.

You see what Bobby Scott is doing when he lectures at Los Alamos and to the general public is this:

He says that not one Dollar spent on contaminated sites in the US has lengthened anyone’s life or prevented any disease.

He may as well be setting out to show no dial painter died because of radium and its progeny radon, which diffused from their poor bones into their blood to be exhaled and measured by Robley Evans. Who could, with reasonable certainty, predict who would live, and who would die. They all suffered though. Cancer is not the only outcome. There is at least metabolic disease, as predicted by the oxygen effect. The endocrine system is stressed. The thyroid is an endocrine gland.

How many radium painters lived a life of chronic illness, with barely the strength or energy to life a cup of tea? Even if, as Brucer claimed, some lived longer than they would have had they not been a radium dial painter, if like that, would they want to? (How the hell would he know? And given the outcomes, even if he is right, why use such an unsafe method to attempt to prolong life. Deliberate exposure to the “Just Right” amount. Every dose is part of an accumulating life time dose. So to know the “Just Right” amount for the claimed benefit, Brucer, Scott and Sykes need to be time travellers. They are not. Brucer did not live forever, he’s dead. Did he live longer than would if he had not been exposed? He says yes. “Who can say” says Tinkerbell. Hamilton didn’t. 55 is pretty young. Brucer died at age 81.
It is my opinion that radiation caused Hamilton’s dead.
It is my opinion that radiation did not extent Brucer’s life.

He had never been a radium dial painter. So according to him, he would have lived longer had he been one.

Such people have not broken the causal link between exposure and bad outcome. Not with cancer and they have not even started on the other outcomes.

Does the average nuclear expert pretend medical qualifications ? Yes. Case in point, the Senior Geologist with Toro Energy. Who claims the nuclear pollution of her employer is a health benefit, citing an un named hormesis “expert”. And that one is so well known I don’t need to name her.

I shall never forget the March 2011 voice over of an Australian “nuclear expert” when Reactor 3 went up. “This is normal.” Eat Cesium 137, it’s just like a banana. Bullshit.

While the record of the US Congress itself is full evidence to the contrary.

What the archive box number is that the victims of the British tests need is known to someone somewhere.

It must not be forgotten that the British were subject to the demands of US secrecy commands. And that the Australian Anglophile who headed the safety committee admitted he was subject to both the US demands and the British demands. And it is true that the USA was involved directly with the observation of Totem 1, October, 1957. It’s pretty hard to hide a B29. But noone in authority in Australia has ever bothered to read the US airmens’ flight logs. And so the myth that the disaster of the Black Mist did not happen continues.

The bigger the human emergency, the bigger the blackout on the truth.

I write this as a warning to the world because I know from watching, that the experience of the Nuclear Veterans shows a clear, repeated, pattern of lies, exclusion, suppression and denial of their just claims.

There is not a radio chemist in Sweden who is qualified to contradict all this.

For while radio chemistry and nuclear physics are very precise sciences, the most optimist thing I can say to Dave is “Best of luck, mate.”

One day the nuclear lies will implode upon themselves. For more and more people, that point has already been reached. But these nuclear victims are still isolated, suppressed and denied.

Noone in Scandinavia today has any real idea of the exact track taken by the Windscale fallout cloud over their nations. Not even the radio chemists. Or of the health impacts that it had.

Certainly, the record shows that the mothers of Denmark at the time were quite aware. Thus, so were their daughters in 1986.

When the next reactor goes “absolutely normal” in England, I will listen with interest to SBS radio and TV.

It is rational to question your government about nuclear safety claims.

The opposite would be a “meltdown in reason”.

In 1945 Groves reported to America that the Manhattan Project was the safest and largest industrial undertaking in US history.

On January 29, 2000, Reporter Matthew L. Wald’s article was published in the New York Times. The headline to the article was:


The article reported: “WASHINGTON, Jan. 28— After decades of denials, the government is conceding that since the dawn of the atomic age, workers making nuclear weapons have been exposed to radiation and chemicals that have produced cancer and early death.

The new finding — that the exposure led to higher-than-normal rates of a wide range of cancers among workers at 14 nuclear weapons plants — raises the prospect of compensation to them. Although officials cautioned that any decision on that was a long way off, they said a package could amount to tens of millions of dollars for a group that might well include hundreds of families.

The new conclusion comes from the government’s most comprehensive review of studies of worker health and related raw health data. The review accepts the conclusion of many of those studies, some done under contract for the government, that workers were made sick by their exposure.

The finding goes far beyond an acknowledgment by the government last July that one substance handled by weapons workers, beryllium, a toxic metal, had caused some of them to become ill from breathing beryllium dust.

Of the new conclusion, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said in an interview, ”This is the first time that the government is acknowledging that people got cancer from radiation exposure in the plants…..”

Today, US Department of Energy Contractors based in New Mexico USA and Adelaide South Australia, and other places such as South Korea, by their words and actions, deny the accuracy of that report.

The fact that, still, as of today, the US plutonium workers compensation scheme has been a bastard of a disaster for the surviving plutonium workers – they don’t often get paid their just entitlements, under the by now much watered down legislation, shows that in terms of the nuclear deception, the atomic coastline looks the same as it ever did, even in America. And that the victims of the bomb include many Americans. Many, Many Americans. And it was with the Downwinders and veterans that President Clinton authorised research into low dose health effects.

Look what they have down with that. They attempt to show that radiation was a protection. Hormesis remains a cult theory. Used in the attempt to promote nuclear industry and to counteract the effect of the 1995 Final Report of the Advisory Committe on Human Radiation Experiments formed by Clinton. In an Executive Order issued as a result of the findings and recommendations of the ACHRE, the Commander in Chief, ordered Openness in the Department of Energy.

It is still in force. The DOE has, since 1995 fought back against the findings of ACHRE, even as it maintains its Opennet Site.

The Green Run was a health benefit according these people. Really?

The fact that in 2011 the Japanese government claimed nuclear testing never hurt anyone shows that in Japan, that nuclear coastline looks the same as it does anywhere else.

As that bent and evil little nuclear slum took hostage the claims of every nuclear soldier on the planet. In order to convince Japanese mothers that their children were not a situation far worse than that faced by the mothers of Denmark and their children in Oct 1957.

And as sure as eggs, one would expect minimalisation from the British Chief Scientist. The disaster would last for an hour and be limited to a fallout plume that stayed within the TEPCO site and rose only to a few hundred metres. Strange man. He has never to my knowledge corrected himself. Even though the scientific press makes a fool of him with facts.

Meanwhile, a court case was won by a plaintiff when medical evidence proved to the court that the Black Mist fallout of the 1957 cloud caused medical harm. But it is a sealed case, removed from the legal record. Noone can know about it.

Maybe, when x% of the population are in jail for knowing the truth, the nuclear deception will implode.

But still, the patterns remain the same, the present becomes history and it is individuals who remember, and they cannot forget. Because of what they suffer. Not as a statistical error Bobby Scott, but because they do suffer. And the presence of these people should be a warning to Scott of the error of overlooking known full facts.

Question: given the amount of plutonium produced and stored in Japan, and taking into account the specific isotope required, how many Nagasaki bombs could Japan’s nuclear slum produce by 11:02AM (JST) August 9 2013?

So we keep sailing the same old coastline, wondering when the hell can we escape this loop of lies. In which the routine is shallow, and the truth so plain, an idiot can decode it.

“The ultimate responsibility for our nation’s policy rests on its citizens and they can discharge such responsibilities wisely only if they are informed. The average citizen cannot be expected to understand clearly how an atomic bomb is constructed or how it works but there is in this country a substantial group of engineers and scientists who can understand such things and who can explain the potentialities of atomic bombs to their fellow citizens. The present report is written for this professional group and is a matter-of-fact, general account of work in the USA since 1939 aimed at the production of such bombs. It is neither a documented official history nor a technical treatise for experts. Secrecy requirements have affected both the detailed content and general emphasis so that many interesting developments have been omitted.” Henry DeWolf Symth, extract from the Preface, “A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes.” Date of Public Release : August 12, 1945.

“Secrecy requirements have affected both the detailed content and general emphasis so that many interesting developments have been omitted”

Funny, in 2013 that sounds very Japanese Diet.

But, it has always sounded very Nuclear Authority vs Nuclear Veteran.
Military or Civilian.

In 1945 it actually presaged the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act, 1954.

And its still in force today.

“Born Secret” :

Partial quote: The “born secret” policy was created under the assumption that nuclear information could be so important to national security that it would need classification before it could be formally evaluated. The wording of the 1954 act specified that:
All data concerning (1) design, manufacture, or utilization of atomic weapons; (2) the production of special nuclear material; or (3) the use of special nuclear material in the production of energy, but shall not include data declassified or removed from the Restricted Data category pursuant to section 2162 of this title.

In relation to events and information release since March 2011, in sub para (2) and (3) have appeared to me to have been very much in force since March 2011.

Britain would have its equivalent.

Sadly, in the context of history nuclear authorities seem to be Time Lords who are limited to take the planet and its people into the past.


“The symptoms that would afflict them later were unimaginable to the early dial painters. The devastation of Hiroshima was years away, and America was in love with the rare white metal discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie on the cusp of the 20th century. These women were told radium would put a glow in their cheeks, and there was little reason to doubt it. The few voices noting radium’s potential dangers were drowned out by louder voices hailing this naturally occurring radioactive substance which tirelessly releases energy as a sensation, a key to the future. Doctors recommended it for everything from arthritis to impotence to senility. Dr. J. Evertt Field administrated thousand of radium injections to wealthy patients at his Radium Institute in New York City. Some “claimed the miracle element was the legendary fountain of youth,” writes Ross Mullner. “A few even claimed radium was the source of life itself.”

Frances Splettstocher lived on Oak Street, less than a mile from the Waterbury Clock Company, with her mother, father, three sisters and three brothers. She had been painting dials for four years when, in 1925, she developed anemia, a low blood-iron condition that left her extremely weak. The left side of her face felt tender and painful to touch, and she had a severe sore throat. When her teeth and jaw began to ache, she saw a dentist. The dentist tried to relieve her pain by pulling a tooth, but part of her jaw came with it. The tissue in her mouth then began to rot until she had a hole in her cheek.

Frances, in excruciating pain, died a month after falling ill. She was 21 years old and “had a large circle of friends, to whom the news of her death brings deep sorrow,” read her obituary in the Waterbury Republican on February 22, 1925. Her funeral was held at the Church of St. Stanislus. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Frances was the first dial painter to die in Waterbury , and her family, friends and physician were horrified and utterly mystified by her symptoms, but she was not alone in experiencing them. Just 100 miles away in Orange, New Jersey, four dial painters had died and eight were ill with equally strange symptoms, often involving severe tooth and jaw problems. When dentists removed their teeth, the socket did not heal, but became infected; eventually the bone and skin tissue around it would die, a condition known as necrosis.

Now we understand what happened when the women swallowed radium: since it’s chemically similar to calcium, radium masqueraded as calcium in the bones. But instead of strengthening bones as calcium does, radium slowly kills bone tissue. The women suffered from dental problems because in the jaw, it’s easy for dead bone to be contaminated with bacteria. By swallowing radium, the women were giving alpha particles easy access to their bodies’ soft interior.”

Compare with Bobby Scott:

If after adjusting for smoking and other lung cancer risk factors it is found that the lung cancer OR, RR, or hazard ratio increases, this should be a warning that something is possibly wrong with the analytical methods used in studying radon-associated cancer.

Compare with Robley Evans:

PROLA » Phys. Rev. » Volume 39 » Issue 6
Phys. Rev. 39, 1014–1014 (1932)
Determination of Small Quantities of Radon and Thoron

Robley D. Evans
California Institute of Technology Physics Department,
Received 23 February 1932; published in the issue dated March 1932
© 1932 The American Physical Society

Why? He was measuring the radon on exhaled breath of young women who were Radium dial painters. From measuring this, Evans was trying to help. For from the radon measurement, he could calculate how much radium was in the women’s bones.

And Robley could predict who would live and who would die, in the manner described above.

Go to the above link to see the image described:

“This ion chamber was constructed for Robley Evans at MIT (ca. 1940) for the analysis of breath samples from workers in the radium industry. Entirely constructed from brass, it is approximately 11″ tall and 5.5″ in diameter. The tip of the electrical connection to the anode is visible in the opening of the short tube on the top of the chamber. The valve used to evacuate the chamber and to connect to the sample flask is seen pointing towards the left. For convenience, the chamber comes with two carrying handles.

It was desirable that the sample be collected in an uncontaminated room some distance away from the radium department, preferably with all the windows open. In addition, the individual providing the sample should not have participated in radioactive work for the previous three or more hours. The subject was required to exhale approximately one breath of every four for a period of ten minutes or so into a one-liter spherical glass flask.. Information about the collection procedure and the individual from whom the sample was collected was recorded on data cards. This information included, among other things, the individual’s name, information pertaining to their work, calcium-rich foods and beverages in their diet, and the time, date and supervision of the sample collection.

After the sample had been transferred to the ion chamber, the radon concentration was determined via the current generated by the alpha emissions of the radon and its polonium decay products. A very similar stainless steel ion chamber was produced in the 1950s by the Atomic Instrument Company of Cambridge Massachusetts, the Model 972 Radon Chamber. The latter was 14″ high and 8″ in diameter, it weighed 15 pounds at operated at 150 volts.” end quote.

In 1939, the US Navy needed Evans. He was approached and told that if he did not willingly oblige, he would be press ganged into service. When he was asked what a safe level of radium in the body of a worker was, he replied to the effect: “What amount would you give your wife or daughter?”

Go back to 1924 if you like Bobby Scott. But we ain’t going with you.

No matter how much financial benefit nuclear industry gains from the pre 1925 laws you and your companions what to reintroduce.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Great article – Salute!

  2. Brett Burnard Stokes Says:

    Well done Paul.

    As a mathematician familiar with Mandelbrot Sets and fractals, I appreciate the poetic metaphors that you use.

    But the story that you tell is not welcome news.

    It is a tale of a civilisation bent on self destruction.

    Very sad.

    True, but very sad.

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