From the British Veterans, Dave Whyte and Dennis Hayden. The Aussie Veterans Last Stand

I’ll have to get more on this from Alan and Terry.

Dave and Dennis emailed me with this one. They are quick off the mark. I missed it. No doubt Terry will have more in the December Veterans’ magazine.

Dave emailed: “Hello Paul,

Many thanks for your e-mails.

I am in the process of sending the following e-mail to all the MP’s and about three hundred Members of the House of Lords but I have been informed I am sending too many e-mails (error 451) in a short space of time. It may take a day or two but I will get them out eventually.

All the best


My Lords, Ladies and Members of Parliament,

I beg of you to spare ‘Seven’ minutes of your valuable time to watch the following programme.

These were British tests, planned and operated by the British Government. The tests at Christmas Island were conducted in the same manner as shown in the film and British nuclear Veterans are met with the same problems.

The Ministry of Defence are refusing to reveal all the correspondence relating to the levels of radiation the ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ (Servicemen) were forced to endure whilst testing British nuclear weapons.

If the British Government have nothing to hide, I ask you: Why are we being denied access to information on radiation levels? and why are all British nuclear veterans being denied a cytogenetic blood analysis? (given to Civilian nuclear workers).

Perhaps the British Government are attempting to shield the Civilian Nuclear Industry by refusing to reveal the damage caused to the British Troops and their Allies whilst experimenting with nuclear power!

The final solution could be in your hands!

Yours sincerely

Dave Whyte
Ex Royal Engineers
Christmas Island 1958

end quote

Text of article:

Maralinga veterans in last-ditch bid for compensation
PM By Rebecca Brice
Updated Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:21am AEDT

Almost 300 Australian veterans of British nuclear testing are making a last-ditch attempt to win compensation.

They want the Human Rights Commission to find that the Australian Government knowingly exposed them to harmful radiation by ordering them to take part in the tests in the SA outback.

While any recommendation from that action will not be binding, they are hoping to embarrass the Government into compensating them and providing medical treatment.

Many of the surviving personnel, ordered to take part in the tests at Maralinga in the 1950s and ’60s, blame their medical conditions on exposure to nuclear radiation.

Stacks Goudkamp lawyer Joshua Dale says given the advanced age of the group, it is very much a case of now or never.

“This submission is really the end of the line,” he said.

“It’s the last opportunity that we have to try and get some kind of recourse from the Australian Government.

“It essentially says that the Australian governments have breached the human rights of the veterans and this is for a number of reasons.

“The nuclear veterans were essentially used as guinea pigs during the nuclear testing.

“There’s evidence that has revealed that the veterans were sent in after testing had taken place to see what the type of effect radiation would have on the human body, and there’s various articles under the universal declaration that specifically go to a right to life and obviously the right to a standard of living as well.”

The veterans’ decision to take their case to the Human Rights Commission follows a UK court’s ruling that the link between the tests and the veterans’ health problems could not be proven.

In 2010 the Government allocated $24 million towards service pensions and healthcare cards for the veterans and their widows.

A spokeswoman for Veterans Affairs Minister Warren Snowdon says eligible veterans have access to a broad range of compensation and health treatment already.

But Mr Dale says many are caught up in disputes over the entitlements.

“The problem is these administrative disputes are largely being viciously defended by the Government,” he said.

“In a lot of the cases they’re unsuccessful because of the time that has lapsed and due to the secrecy of the type of testing that was taking place.

“A lot of the records don’t even show what type of levels of radiation they were exposed to, which means there’s very little evidence to prove that they were exposed to harmful levels and whether or not those levels could have potentially caused their illnesses.

“One of the veterans that we represent, he suffers from leukaemia, and they’ve said that he was too far away from the testing to be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation.

“He’s really left high and dry at the moment with this horrific illness.”

Avon Hudson, 76, is one of 8,000 Australian service personnel that took part in the tests.

He has echoed Mr Dale’s sentiments on how urgent the case is.

“If we don’t get what we’re entitled to now, well I suppose all we can do is throw our hands in the air and wait for the end to come, because we’re all getting too old,” Mr Hudson said.

“We won’t be here in five years.

“Every year that goes by it’s less likely you’ll be able to cope with these things.

“We were never given any briefing as to what we were doing, what the dangers were, what risks were involved or what precautions had to be taken.”
end quote.

It is clear from email feedback and information held by the Atomic Ex-Servicemes’ Association that many people are unsuccessful in obtaining justice in Australia, even in this era of amendments which were announced by the Rudd government. Placing improved remedies on the books is pretty cruel when the system makes obtaining near on impossible. More than one person has confirmed that when illnesses are claimed to be due to military service without mentioning radiation exposure the chances of success are reasonable. However where the claim is made on the true proposition that radiation caused those same illnesses. even where radiogenesis is admitted by government, the success of the claim becomes highly improbable.

I have received an email from Geelong confirming this information. If one’s needs are severe, and they are for many suffering illness due to service, the most productive thing for the individual is to claim that general service conditions caused the illness rather than radiation.

However, it is only nuclear veterans alone who have suffered a massive increase in risk of cancer. Even though the government does not acknowledge the radio genesis of the illness.

This is a deliberate fudge which protext nuclear industry.

We have the uniform and consistent testimony of Australian Aboriginal people and their sufferings. These facts are indigenous to the Australian setting. We have the situation where diagnosis was with held for 3 decades in the case of at least one person. When diagnosis was made it was in a setting which excluded radiation as a cause. It is hard to blame a 25 year old doctor for not allowing for events which occurred before they were born. Still the patient was ignored when she pointed out the facts. Then there is the Australian court case struck from teh public record, in which it was determined by the court that nuclear fallout caused the illness suffered by the plaintiff. While the Australian Radiation regulator, ARPANSA, maintains, on the basis of British algebra, that the bombs caused no harm. Yet Aboriginal people have been excluded from 3 health surveys. The civilians who might speak with least secrecy constraints are excluded. Meanwhile the medical files of the veterans and civilians who were treated at the time are lost!!!! So the government claims.

Well, I know what I know and have my beliefs. It is a case of hoping there is a god, and that brimstone awaits the liars. Not much chop in the here and now though.

I recall a conversation I had a couple of decades back, when I had a stint in a relevant government department as a temp worker. A supervisor was an ex nurse who worked in one of the hospitals up north. And she vividly recalled the case of a young airman who lay dying from radiation sickness. The medical staff were bullied into silence. This event is not unique. US veterans and French veterans, the people of French Polynesia all have similar stories. And the facts of them, held by governments, are all suppressed, in my opinion.

There is little hope of justice in these matters. If the same laws of statistics applied to nuclear veterans and civilian victims, were applied to British gunshot victims, noone would be admitted to having suffered that fate either. Those statistical laws are not applied to gunshot victims. For they have a large bullet in their bodies, until it is extracted. The actuality for the individual is not reflected by the maths applied to the masses. Nuclear victims have little bullets, many of them, entrenched within their tissue. And the tests which confirm this are deemed by authorities to be inadmissible.

If the bullet is small enough, and if the government authorities fired it, they deny it is there. This incongruence – this difference between the official pronouncement and the individual experience – has been a hall mark of nuclear industry since 1942.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    I wonder how high up the political “food chain” this coverup goes?

    It has to be much more about protecting the nuclear Industry than the “money” because the Government prints the money on paper!

    Japan is doing the exact same thing and proving to the World that they care far more about their Utility Gangs profitability than the Japanese people.

    The further ones digs into what is really happening globally, the more one realizes that many Governments are now operating far more independently than their citizens can imagine, answering only to the Ultra Wealthy/Ultra Powerful.

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