“The Culture of Secrecy”, Dennis Hayden, for the CVFI

To : Sam Greenhill
Daily Mail Reporter
(Mr Greenhill’s Daily Mail article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2284823/Litvinenko-widow-claims-Britain-Russia-conspiring-shut-husbands-inquest-preserve-trade-interests.html )

An open email copied to Australian Nuclear Veterans
currently using the Australian Human Rights Commission
against the Australian Government .

Dear Mr Greenhill ,

Freedom of the press , the culture of secrecy and the undermining of democracy .

Thank you for your excellent report in the today’s edition of the Daily Mail : “ This stain on British justice – Government ‘is conspiring with the Kremlin to cover up the truth over the poisoning of ex-KGB spy Litvinenko ‘ .

The British government has every reason not to have the ‘sensitive‘ alpha particle poisoning by polonium – 210 causally linked to Litvinenko’s death examined in minute detail in an open court. This is one fact that may have escaped your attention and has equal credibility with the Prime Minister trying to close down the inquest in order to promote trade with Russia .

The truth of Litvinenko’s death from ingested alpha particles is a huge , but little appreciated , embarrassment for the British government who , for over 50 years , have used a bottomless pit of tax payers’ money to deny this link to ill health and premature death . This is a public health issue the government would rather keep hidden from the public forever . However ,only when politically expedient is the truth of this radiation damage to health allowed to be admitted . [ see attached CVFI email dated , 26 November 2010 following the death of Litvinenko ] .

This type of radiation is discharged under licence as ‘low dose , low level radiation’( i.e a phrase used to diminish this type of radiation to be of supposed low hazard ) from nuclear power stations and is also present in vast quantities in the fall out from nuclear weapons tests . As such the British government would much prefer Litvinenko’s assassination to have been carried out by any other means rather than a by a means that undermines the safety claims on radiation risk from nuclear industry. Death by low dose radiation , such as polonium –210 , is a truth of science , long denied , which enables the government to avoid accountability and responsibility for the premature deaths and legacy ill health of loyal servicemen from the UK and our Commonwealth allies who took part in the British nuclear weapons tests .

The alpha radioisotope polonium –210 [ half life of 138 days, used in the trigger mechanism of nuclear weapons ] the preferred choice to assassinate Litvinenko is just one of a myriad of man made alpha and beta particles such as strontium –90 ( 28 years ) , caesium –237 ( 30 years ) , plutonium –239 (24,400 years ) , tritium 3 ( 12 years ) , carbon –14 ( 5730 years) etc found in nuclear bomb fall out and discharged into the environment by nuclear industry .

Paul Zimmerman in his 778 page book published in 2009 – “ A Primer in the Art of Deception – the Cult of Nuclearists , Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science .” states :

“ Even one atom of uranium undergoing alpha decay has the potential for creating a fatal cancer . One alpha particle has potential of creating 123,000 ionizations . In a cascade effect , the charged particle created in these ionizing events go to initiate millions more ionizations . An alpha particle [ once ingested or inhaled into the body , as with Litivinenko or any other victim, for example a nuclear test veteran of someone living close to nuclear power plant licenced discharges ] is the bull in the china shop . It disrupts the chemical integrity of molecules that constitute a living system.”

“Although alpha particles do not penetrate great distances [ like x-rays , gamma radiation ] they are not weak . Due to the small distance they travel in tissue , they are extremely destructive to the cells through which they traverse . The alpha particles ionizing behaviour [ once inside the body ] results in massive assault on the chemical integrity of a small population of cells .”

It is little wonder Litvinenko died within 3 weeks from just one micron or so of this radioisotope placed in a tea pot from which he drank . Full investigation and publicity of his causal link to ill health and premature death of Litvinenko would focus again on British government denial of the “ prime causal link to ill health and premature deaths in nuclear test veterans is from fall out “ ( Judge Foskett , Limitation Trial verdict , 2009 ) . It would also throw into doubt the nuclear industry friendly cover up of childhood leukaemias ( found as 10 times the national average) close to nuclear power stations which was attributed as just a “chance occurrence” by Sir Douglas Black QC’s 1960’s Inquiry .

The agenda of the British government is to mislead the public that the science has been definitively established that low dose , low dose radiation ( i.e. alpha particles and to a lesser extent beta particles ) present no risk to public health . Litvinenko’s death shows the direct opposite is the truth .

For the above reasons it is vital that the culture of secrecy attempting to kill freedom of information on the causal link to the death of Litvinenko and its wider implications is not held in secret but is made accessible to a free press and members of the public .

As the Daily Mail editorial comments make clear “ Secret inquests – like all secret courts – are an affront to the open justice which is the very corner stone of democracy”.

With the death of Litvinenko , the coroner may have too much political pressure imposed upon him to agree to allow full access to his inquest . The scientific truth of low dose , low level radiation poisoning of Litvinenko , examined in too close and embarrassing detail, is a step to far for the comfort of government and is therefore very likely to be stopped in the ‘national interest’.

For ‘national interest ‘ read ‘in the government’s interest to avoid embarrassment ‘ !

With kind regards ,

Yours sincerely ,

Dennis Hayden
for the CVFI
Tel; 01594 845118

Other references on radiation risk from alpha radiation ( internal emitters) can be found in “ The Dangers of Low Level Radiation “ ( 1987) by Dr Charles Sutcliffe ; “ Wings of Death “ ( 1995 ) by Dr Chris Busby – Nuclear Pollution and Human Health ; The European Committee on Radiation Risk ( 2003 ) – the health effects of ionising radiation for radiation protection purposes ; “The cover-up of the effects of internal exposure to residual radiation from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki “ ( 2007 ) by Emeritus Professor Shoji Sawada ; “ Chernobyl 20 years on “, ECRR by Professor A.V. Yablokov ( 2006 ) etc etc end quote.

on yer Dennis.

BTW Dennis your email inbox is full.
And maybe add this one to the reading list:
Greene Shepherd, “Types of Radiation: Basic Theory explained for the nonphysicist”, Chapter 13, pp 138, “Medical Response to Terrorism:
Preparedness and Clinical Practice”
By Daniel C. Keyes, Jonathan L. Burstein, Richard B Schwartz, Raymond E
Swienton Edition: 2, illustrated. Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2004. ISBN 0781749867, 9780781749862

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    Radiations “magic bullets” which have been used to fight cancers can also be used for evil purposes as this article points out so well.

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