My Email has been Hacked

Anyone getting an email from my usual email address – DO NOT OPEN IT. My email account has been hacked and emails are being sent in my name which I have not sent.

To people who are my usual contacts, and anyone else, do not open any email purportedly from me dated on or after 7 March 2011 – DO NOT OPEN IT, TRASH IT.

I will be contacting people with my new email. The infection on my machine is likely to be a trojan aimed at Apple computers. The preceeding post were composed and sent from a public computer at a coffee shop.

One Response to “My Email has been Hacked”

  1. CaptD Says:

    Thanks Paul
    Know that what you are doing is important!
    Hopefully it was not a government and/or nuclear Industry “attack”, if you get any more information on this please post it so others know what to look for!

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