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(on the hacking Dave, yep no doubt. It’s like something out of Huxley. The “TV” that watches the watcher is actually the computer on a network. Doesn’t matter. Its a mission each one is on, and only the individual can walk the walk till the objective is reached. Does not matter, the hacking and invasion, the hackers are couch potatoes. They have nowhere to run and who cares where they hide? I don’t.)

“Hello Paul,

I read your article about wiping of this e-mail, I have replaced it, letter follows). It was interesting to read the articles on Operation Lighthouse, I have probably been given around 350 pages relating to the operation and there is no mention of the numbers of troops that were to be involved. The Authorities must have removed all references of ‘Human Experimentation’ prior to releasing the documents to me.

If you would like a CD of all the information I received, send me an address and I will gladly send a copy to you.

All the best


“The authorities knew what they were doing, and the effects radioactive fallout would have on the local population as the attached letters from the proposed ‘Operation Lighthouse’, planned for 1959 reveal.

Img 242 shows they were going to place instruments 200 miles away from Maralinga to analyse the fallout yet img 243 shows they knew the Town Watson was only 50 miles away. Img shows the area had been contaminated by previous nuclear tests.

I hope you will find this interesting and revealing.

All the best


That’s interesting Dave. Was it Stafford Warren who sent a memo to Groves about the fallout from Trinity being measured in places far from the test? I’ll check. It’s on the Szilard site. Warren’s memo warned that any future tests needed to take place in the centre of an exclusion zone at least 150 miles in radius. The memo feel on deaf ears. There has never been any data released regarding the track of the fallout clouds from the bombs dropped on Japan. The only two US bombs for which that data has been with held. Watson coped a lot. Adelaide had fallout 1,500 (or something like that from memory) times normal (Marston, CSIRO), with abnormal substances. I131 in sheep thyroids as far as Victor Harbor. The Atomic WeapOns Test Safety Committee (which kept the bomb tests safe from public opinion) issued fallout cloud maps showing the fallout clouds going the wrong way (compared to the actual, secret data). Very SPEEDI.

Yea, it was Warren. Here’s the memo, thanks to Mr Dannen: http://www.dannen.com/decision/trin-rad.html Warren wrote in the last para: “20. It is this officer’s opinion that this site is too small for a repetition of a similar test of this magnitude except under very special conditions. It is recommended that the site be expanded or a larger one, preferably with a radius of at least 150 miles without population, be obtained if this test is to be repeated.

Colonel Stafford L. Warren
Chief of Medical Section
Manhattan District


cc/ Maj. Gen Groves (2)
R. Oppenheimer (1)
Col. Warren (1)” Warren was no shrinking violent when it came to exposing civilians, least in later years. He was involved in the Human Radiation Experiments at Rochester.

Dave’s Images follow:

Thanks Dave.

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