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Dear Prime Minister,
I am extremely disappointed in the way the Labour Party, under your leadership, has jettisoned the limited Uranium mining tenet of your platform. This has been in place since I and many like me marched against uranium mining in the 1970’s. I am compelled to vote against the labor party on this alone.
Australian Uranium was involved in the Fukushima disaster and is STILL irradiating and polluting our world. You have abrogated your responsibility, to Australians;their children ;and grandchildren, to protect and serve Australian interests, You have abrogated your duties as a global citizen by not testing and publishing data for radiation and for not insisting that the global community step in to help deal with the triple meltdown at Fukushima. You have and continue to, put us in peril through the sale of Uranium.

Boy SEC, that came the long way round.

Stephen Conroy for Labor Leader.

Time to revist the Pu – Japan-Australia non proliferation breach. The Fuk Pu is non-US ratified. It is the responsiblity of Japan and AUSTRALIA to ensure that the Pu is NOT MISUSED BY ANYONE, INCLUDING JAPAN AND AUSTRALIA. i’LL prove that in a couple of posts time.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Yet another wakeup call for the Australian people!

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