The Fission Isotopes of Strontium as Listed by ATSDR

Source: ATSDR, Toxicological Profile of Strontium. Chapter 4.

One can easily read the data for the fission isotopes of Strontium. (ie the arificial strontium isotopes).

Of importance is the energy of the Beta emitter produced. Only one is lower than the MeV range.

Of these fission isotopes of strontium, which ones are the least radioactive, and which ones the most radioactive?

Which ones were never mentioned by nuclear authorities in relation to the nuclear fallout they strongly feature in?

Do nuclear authorities admit the full knowledge or rather, unlike the scientists they pretend to be, do they merely parrot the data of most use to their interests in direct contradiction to their obligation to fully disclose?

What laws protect them in this undetaking to sell the alleged (and non existent) merits of their “product”?

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Salute for helping educate readers on why they need to be very concerned about even small amounts of “EXTRA” radiation.

  2. No War Now Says:

    off topic, but … ‘Tsunami bomb’ tested off New Zealand coast …

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