Sick and Tired in the USA

The record of nuclear testing in the USA is replete with graphs and learned articles regarding the radiogenic catastrophic malignant diseases.

I have referred to these papers many times in the course of this blog.

Fallout fields are unpleasant, unsafe places to be, and by the time of the Reagan Administration, the justice of a compensation scheme for US Downwinders was self evident. The only real barrier was the inability of the US Treasury to withstand the cost of justice.

A scheme did eventuate, as it will in Japan (in around 2030 I guess), watered down and affordable, with the accompanying flock of parrots repeating act of grace and lack of proof on behalf of Bechtel and others.

Under the Cloud: The Decades of Nuclear Testing, was written by Riichard Lee Miller and published in 1986.

American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War, was written by Carole Gallagher and published in March 1993, the year before Clinton convened the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments.

Both books provide narratives and evidence of the loss of life, and loss of quality of life and sickness suffered by Downwinders in the USA.

People who have suffered the impacts of nuclear fallout in relative isolation are placed together in such books. As a result the shared experience of loss and injustice identifies a clear political and social need. The need for disclosure, admission and justice.

Two out of three is not good enough.

The reports of Japanese school children walking to school in the Fukushimma fallout field with sore eyes and throats, bloody noses and fevers reminded of what I had read years before 2011.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,24 April 1979, in an article
entitled “Nuclear Test Victim Testifies”, reported: “A woman whose ranch was in the path of fallout from nuclear tests in the 1950s stood
before a Joint Congressional Committee yesterday and charged that she and her family “were forgotten guinea pigs.” The paper continues: “A series of Hearings, co-chaired by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and Rep. Bob Eckhardt, D-Texas, is being conducted to determine if there is a link between the atomic tests and an increase in cancer related deaths in southern Utah and Nevada. The Committee met in Salt Lake City last week.” “Rep James Santini, D-Nev, a member of the committee that called for the investigation earlier this year, said 87 above ground blasts were exploded during the 1950s, possibly endangering 170,000 persons within a 300 mile radius.” “We would see the big flash, get the concussion and a little while later the clouds came over” she (Mrs Laird) said. “One time my sister got burns on her eyes.

During this time our cows got white spots on them and got cancer eyes. At school children broke out with rashes from the radiation.”

Miller describes children of Nevada walking to school through the fallout field with skin rashes, fevers, sore throats and eyes.

Today Carole Gallagher maintains an American Ground Zero site at And this is the page I think fitting for my look at diseases other than cancer which spring up among communities located in fallout fields.

One sees a near ground level black fallout cloud rolling acrooss the land, and Carole describes some experiences when she lived as a Downinder with the Downwinders in order to enable an involved, informed narration.

About 3/4 of the way down the page, in a column of text centred upon the pain, reality and stupidity of living in a fallout field, the words death and thyroid storm appear.

It is my view that the US fallout states took a heavy toll. The fallout inflicted endocrine and metabolic disease chiefly upon the women.

The statistics were fudged and lied about, and more care was taken to secretly document the afflictions of sheep and cattle than was taken to protect and care for people.

The US fallout fields generated chronic disease. Cancer was not the only outcome.

The US Department of Health and Human Services administers the Downwinders compensation scheme. The illnesses covered are confined to cancers as listed here:

There is no redress for other conditions and the consequent suffering from conditions readily admitted and described by radiology in the medical setting, such as chronic fatigue and a vulnerability to general ill health are ignored.

However, it is salient to recall that throughout the 1950s the fallout from nuclear testing in the USA was considered to be safe, even as US led research into the survivors of atomic attacks upon Japan continued.

It was on the basis of the exclusion of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Downwinders that the US authorities repeatedly told the high fallout states and counties that the populations were perfectly safe.

Being out of range of the immediate gamma and neutron burst of bombs however says nothing about the effects of fallout. Fallout which rolled above and over hundreds of miles of land in Nevada and Utah, depositing burdens of fallout particles over isolated rural families.

The list of health effects is very long, and while nuclear industry reduces to the debate to degrees of risk, the fact remains people were and still affected. The concept of risk merely translates into “rather you than me.” The deposition of fallout onto the people of these states was justified by lies and the risk imposed was attack by the US authorities upon its own people.

From the HRSA list of compensatible diseases:

Leukemia, but NOT chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Multiple myeloma
Primary cancer of the pharynx
Lymphomas, other than Hodgkin’s disease
Primary cancer of the small intestine
Primary cancer of the salivary gland
Primary cancer of the brain
Primary cancer of the stomach
Primary cancer of the urinary bladder
Primary cancer of the colon
Primary cancer of the thyroid
Primary cancer of the pancreas
Primary cancer of the male or female breast
Primary cancer of the esophagus
Primary cancer of the bile ducts
Primary cancer of the liver (except if there is evidence of cirrhosis or Hepatitis B)
Primary cancer of the gall bladder
Primary cancer of the lung
Primary cancer of the ovary

This part of the reality of fallout, it is not the full story.

There is no doubt that sooner or later, in order to share a rational sense of reality with populations, governments which at the present time assert that fallout fields are safe will have to implement some form of similar list. As much as the Japanese government may insist cesium “is like a banana” and so long as it broadcasts the idea that “plutonium is safe to eat” or that symptoms suffered by people on a chronic basis are signs of “weak minds”, officials must surely know what lies ahead.

The people of the fallout fields around the world may still be isolated populations, hidden behind language barriers, oppressive regimes, suppressed data and false utterances of international organisations.

But this isolation is changing. More and more previously uninvolved people are asking questions. The mantle of prestige of national and international institutions is eroding and what is promoted as a “good work” is being seen for what it is. Promotion of a technology which imposes actual disease upon people while at the same time in secret officials sit upon the truth, fearful, as the shows, that the people might find out.

Carole Gallagher at her “American Ground Zero” site reports that:

“In 2007, a scientist working with Dr. Joseph Lyon, director of these studies, would write in an email to a survivor of thyroid cancer that he finally had come to a point of conscience, and revealed that these studies were fraudulent, that the statistics were manipulated for the decades that the studies had been funded. Thus many millions of taxpayer dollars had been wasted on more Big Lies, many thyroid disease patients dying in the process because although they were examined and interrogated, they were rarely given medical treatment. The scientists only wished to observe “the natural progression” of exposure to radioactive iodine from these atmospheric atomic bomb detonations.”

In 2013, even as the Japanese authorities had their collective head buried deeply within the DSMIV, the manual of psychiatry, looking for labels to describe people who reported physical consequences in the Japanese reactor fallout fields, the Australian ABC reported that surveys had found numbers of downwinder Japanese children had already accumulated the allowable lifetime radiological dose to thyroid.

Dissonance, denial and refusal to fact reality is not a sign of the “weak minded”. It is a sign of the awareness of guilt and provides the motive to resort to the tactics of despots in order to maintain the facade of valid governance.

A compensation scheme is an admission of failure in the primary mission of government to keep people safe from known industrial threats.

The experience of Downwinders across the world is in fact uniform. The main hallmarks include chronic diseases, genetic effects, vulnerability to illness, lowered quality of life and early onset cancers.

Around the world populations are being told that cancers will claim half the population in the normal course of events. Currently via my TV, the Australian cancer council tells me we down here have a 1 in 2 chance of getting cancer. That’s OK, I suppose, I’m fairly old.

Best of luck to the authorities who try to convince the mothers of Japan that the risk faced by their children in this regard is normal. It is not.

Of course, before the truth comes out, the powerful men who told the initial lies will be allowed to die dignified deaths themselves.

And so, going on past performances, it will take 30 years for government in Japan to face the facts confronted even now by ordinary people.

In 1994 nuclear veteran John Hutton had his fortnight in Federal Court. In the course of the proceedings in which John sought damages for the illness inflicted upon him by his service in the fallout field of Maralinga, the Feds dumped on John, aubsed him and cast him as a witness of no credibility. Whereas in fact, the records from the Maralinga Hospital which John held are the only ones known. The rest, according to the Feds, are “lost”. John is well known for he is the one who reported finding human remains at Maralinga. The Feds want, I think, this report forgotten. No.

John lost his case, as is the case whenever these proceedings are heard by judge alone.

In response I resolved to lend a hand. I rang various State and Federal agencies to be told that there were nuclear veterans groups in Australia, and certainly no nuclear veterans in South Australia. I eventually rang a faclity that dealt with radiation and asked them. They transferred to an office, they said, located in Canberra. From there I was given the contact address of the Atomic ExServicemens’ Association.

I asked the Association what I could do to help. I was given the task of looking at fallout.

This is why this blog exists. As much as nuclear authorities may throw the entire volume of DSM IV at me, as they do, my response has always been – well let me see the data regarding fallout measured in the Adelaide water supply from 1956 until 1963. And the answer has always been “No.”

Of course, when the data is release, it won’t shut me up.

There is a logical basis to what I am doing. Of course, as time progresses, I have been given the opportunity to explore fallout in other lands as new disasters and facts emerge.

When the Japanese government stated that the Fukushima emissions were equal to the fallout generated, in regard to cesium, to over 100 fission bombs, and that the bombs were safe, that government picked a fight with me. How does Fukushima’s fallout fields compare with Maralinga’s hot spots?

They are, on the admission of the Japanese government, the same today. But only if Australians believe our government about the Maralinga cleanup. And only if the Japanese people believe their government about the Fukushima fallout cleanup.

It is not wise to believe government without question.

Both Maralinga and Fukushima fallout fields have the same exposure limits applied to them.

There are areas at Maralinga, mainly involving the Taranaki area, which remain no go.

There are areas in Japan which are no go.

By Tepco’s own admission, the air above the contaminated soil of the exclusion zone has a lower reading than the air in Fukushima city. This is not surprising. There is no disturbance in the exclusion.

Who does one believe? Noone of course. Research it and make up one’s own mind.

Everyone dies. That is not a mystery. The age range of death is driven down by nuclear releases. The military personnel who died at the time, the children who died at the time, are reminders of the harm and the deception. The record shows that medical staff were harassed into silence in Australia in the 1950s. And the record shows that the medical evidence held by Maralinga Hospital was lost when the records themselves got lost.

Those who would lament at such an “innocent mishap” are not the kind of dudes I hang out with.

Psychiatry is a very poor substitute for competant health physics. The sacred mission to preserve Japan does not permit or excuse the utterance of lies.

If one was to believe the nuclear authorities, those who disagree with it and its bare faced denials are all crazy.

The problem is enshrined in law. As is proven by a reading of the current US NRC legislation, the open discussion of matters pertaining to nuclear power and defined “special nuclear material”
is against US law. I cannot read Japanese. No doubt this law has a regulatory equivalent in Japan.

It is far cheaper to hurl psychiatry at people who question nuclear industry than it is to arrest us.

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