Dennis Heyden, Combined Veterans’ Forum International – On the Lack of Justice

Atomic litigants, since the UK Supreme Court verdict in 2012 stating we have no proof of causation of ill health from radiation, have had great difficulty understanding how that verdict was reached . We knew the evidence of causation was in the hands of the lawyers because we had sent it to them .We therefore expected at some time this science would be fully presented in court .

Dr Chris Busby has therefore done all nuclear veterans and widows a great service by throwing some light into a very dark corner of legal process. His experience and expert witness testimony was urgently needed in court to balance the views of government epidemiologists who rely on the outdated/ significantly flawed ICRP radiation risk model , without taking account of blood tests showing genetic damage in exposed individuals and who totally ignore inhaled and ingested fall out particles .

The veterans fight goes on for truth and justice. Dave Whyte has yet to have his pension appeal hearing and after his successful First Tier FOIA hearing of February 2012 and five years seeking Freedom of Information answers we have reason to believe he can confidently prove exposure to radiation .

It is reassuring to know the evidence held by Dr Busby being denied hearing in court is being made available on line . In the meantime Judge Stubbs verdict on the recent 16 pension appeals is due in May and June . At this time we will know just how far the veterans and widows have been sold out to the establishment .

Whatever happens , it is the truth of the science that will be the final arbiter in this case and not the manipulations of politicians , lawyers or governemnt sponsored scientists . I thank Paul Langley’s Nuclear History web for posting Dr Busby’s video and will be sending the link to the legal firm Rosenblatts with copy of the above comments .


Combined Veterans’ Forum International .

Also of interest is the Sunday Herald article of 12 Sept 2010:

MoD paid lawyers nearly £2m to fight test veterans

from Sunday Herald, 12 September 2010

2 Responses to “Dennis Heyden, Combined Veterans’ Forum International – On the Lack of Justice”

  1. CaptD Says:

    Salute to all that served and continue to believe in the oath they swore to uphold!

    I did not serve but it amazes me that all veterans did not DEMAND more from their Government since their Government failed their trust…

    WHY have you failed to stand up and be counted, when so many )and their Families) have been wronged?

  2. Dave Whyte Says:

    Cowards and bullies never think they will face retribution for their crimes, the same can be said of our Government.

    They follow the ‘Mantra’ of our nefarious criminals in:
    Never plead Guilty as there can only be one verdict! Always plead innocent and you may get some fool to believe you!

    The Government obviously consider we are all fools and will believe any of the ‘Garbage’ they say.

    They are wrong!


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