The Historic Records Show that Nuclear Authorities Know the Fallacy of their Current Position

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This post compares the situation as documented by Dennis Heyden last post – that evidence showing a multiplier effect for internal emitters compared to external exposure readings is dismissed – with the early record which for the first time proved the multiplier effect does indeed exist.

The very grave observations held by expert researchers made of the actions specific to internal emitters have not be contradicted by any later observations. And these early papers have not been contradicted by any later point by point rebuttal based upon evidence gained by observation. It can be said, in any circumstance, that these papers published at a time which soon saw them actually applied to the fallout problem but with secrecy applied to them at that time, that authorities gained a secret insight into the impact and import of what they did while at the same time, denying access to this information by the victims of the activities which were carried out, and permitted to carried out, only because the foreseen consequences was suppressed from the victims and from the populations involved. Instead, assurances of safety were issued. And in the sphere of influence excersized by Great Britain, justice was delayed. For even the specialists themselves engaged in the firmly related (but not identical) field of nuclear medicine had to actually “rediscover” the truths hidden from medicine in musty academic archives since 1942 (Pecher). In this case, it was not until 1973 th and under at Dr Firusian in Germany made such a rediscovery and from there, one can see, from documents released by Clinton, a clear suppression of the Pecher/Abersold findings. And so it was that since the early 20th century, on finding the old papers, I have said, “They knew what they were doing. And here, we see them hidding it.” Who can blame the nuclear veterans of British bombs for not knowing the import of the US archive? Even though the birthplace of the bomb, and its first secrets, was the United States. Not the British Ministry of Defence. There is no doubt that the historic record shows that the British MAUD Committee was not the power in charge of the knowledge regarding the hazard posed by the internal emitters. The Chemists, radio-chemists, radio-biologists and Medical Doctors of the Manhattan Project were. And it is there, in the related record one finds the first proofs of the power of internal emitters was first published and this knowledge built upon concepts of hazard first identified pre 1942 in the United States in relation to uranium fission.

Pecher and Aebersold. 1939 -1941

“Pecher, C., “Biological Investigations with Radioactive Calcium and Strontium, Preliminary Report the Use of Radioactive Strontium in the Treatment of Metastatic Bone Cancer”, Contributed from the Radiation Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley, University of California Publications in Pharmacology. Editors: C.D. Leake, G. A. Alles, T.C. Daniels, M.H. Soley. Volume 2 No 11, pp. 117-150, plates 6-9, 3 figures in text. Submitted by Editors July 21, 1942,
Issued October 23, 1942, University of California Press, Berkeley, Cambridge University Press, London, England. Prefatory note by C.D. Leake, editor.”

” “the problem has been studied with respect to: (1) the distribution of irradiation after the administration of radioactive strontium, (2) the method of administration of radio-strontium, (3) the chemical toxicity of strontium on the tissues, (4) the effect of radioactive strontium on the tissues, and (5) the dosage of the substance.” “ The effect of radio – strontium has
 been studied in mice, rabbits, and human beings…..Under the treatment of large doses of radioactive strontium (59 to 200 microcuries) to mice, a definite leucopenia has been observed. Two weeks after the administration of approximately 180 microcuries to each of five mice, their average white cell count was 4200 cells per cm., whereas the normal value for mice is approximately 14,000. Nevertheless, the effect on the blood picture is much smaller than that of a similar amount of radio-phosphorus.
Some transitory leucopenia and anemia observed in a patient with metastaticprostate carcinoma and in another………… (Ed note: I have deleted the account of the death of a patient from the effects of strontium 89 here) after a total administration of 8 and 5 millicuries of radio-strontium, respectively, must be attributed to the treatment….Dosage: The dosage of radio-strontium when administered
 therapeutically is still a difficult and largely empirical problem. The idea has been to give as much strontium as possible without producing any serious damage to the marrow… Important information has been given by the radioactivity determination on the tissues of an adult female who died 3 days after the intravenous injection of a simple dose of 0.3 millicurie of Sr lactate (170mgm. Sr, August 19, 1940). The activity of the bones ranges from 0.05 to 0.15 microcuries per gram wet weight….Similar values were observed in a patient with multiple myeloma who died two months after receiving 1.7 millicuries of radio-strontium per gram of tissue in one day gives approximately the same ionisation as a dose of 37 r of X rays, according to Dr. Aebersold, we may calculate that the total dose given to the bones if no Sr
 was eliminated from the skeleton would be equivalent to 500 to 1,500 r. These values are obviously much too high since strontium is continuously eliminated from the skeleton, as is evident from the other autopsy data. We may assume that an amount of radiation equivalent to 200 to 600 r is given to the bony tissues when 1 millicurie of Sr is intravenously injected in an adult. This rough calculation is only interesting as an indication of the order of the magnitude of the dose of radio-strontium that should be necessary to obtain a therapeutic effect on bone tumours. ” End Quote. There is in the above quotations the very clear discovery that a very small physical amount of the radioisotope produced an effect upon the body which was equivalent to a very large external x ray exposure. A multiplier effect. The radioactivity emitted by the vial of the substance as an effective external dose would be feeble, for it is a beta emitter. It is only when injected or otherwise internalised that the need to equate the action of the substance to an equivalent external dose arose. For the Doctors were attempting to find an immediately survivable dose. And in that undertaking Pecher admits he failed 3 times. He was treating terminal cancer and there was little to no hope of long term survival in any case. This knowledge was later used by the Manhattan Project (Scope 3, Compton) in the direction to staff, particularly to Stone and hence to contractor Hamilton to “find radiations effective against the enemy”. (Compton 1943). Of these findings Oliphant expressed horror when writing, in the 1950s, to Marston. Oliphant was writing of his realisation, gained in the 1940s at Berkeley, that the substances emitted by atomic bombs and other sources of fission were profoundly dangerous. (Cross) Any deployment of fission technology would have to take this danger into account.

Hamilton 1942 -1946

Hamiton’s work from 1942 largely consisted with the injection, oral and inhalation effects of substances generated by fission – both uranium and plutonium fission. To this end, from 1942 to 1945 he issued regular reports which informed Stone and others in the Manhattan Project of the dangers of internalised radio isotopes. With the ending of the war, his work became declassified and he gave lectures and published reports regarding his war time findings. One such example is the paper quoted as follows. It is dated December 1946:

The Metabolism of the Fission Products and the Heaviest Elements

Jos. G. Hamilton, M.D.

+ Author Affiliations

Division of Medical Physics (Berkeley), Divisions of Medicine and Radiology (San Francisco) University of California

↵1 This document is based on work performed under Contract No. W-7405-eng-48-A for the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Energy Commission.

It is a brief version of material to be published in the Plutonium Project Record of the Manhattan Project Technical Series. Presented at the Thirty-second Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Chicago, Ill., Dec. 1–6, 1946.


An investigation of the assimilation, distribution, retention, and excretion of fission products and the heaviest elements in the rat has been conducted at the Crocker Radiation Laboratory of the University of California. These studies were initiated Oct. 15, 1942, and are continuing at the present time. An extensive survey has been made of the metabolism of twenty different radio-elements. This project has been carried forward by Dorothy Axelrod, M.A., Asst. Prof. D. H. Copp, M.D., Ph.D., Josephine Crowley, A.B., Harvey Fisher, A.B., Ph.D, Henry Lanz, Jr., A.B., Kenneth G. Scott, A.B., L. Van Middlesworth, Ph.D., and the author. During the early phases of the work, we were fortunate in having the advice and aid of Professors I. L. Chaikoff, D. M. Greenberg, and their associates, who assisted the program materially, particularly in the studies with strontium, barium, and cesium. Also with the group, during the war, were Assoc. Prof. Roy Overstreet and Asst. Prof. Louis Jacobson, whose contributions included the radiochemical preparations necessary for the tracer studies. We acknowledge with gratitude the facilities that were extended to us by Prof. Ernest O. Lawrence to do this work in the Radiation Laboratory, the constant advice and encouragement given to us by Dr. Robert S. Stone and his colleagues of the Health Division in the Plutonium Project, the assistance and counsel from Dean S. L. Warren and his staff, the help of the operating crew of the 60-inch cyclotron for the preparation of most of the radio-elements used in these studies, and the cooperation of Profs. W. M. Latimer, G. T. Seaborg, and their associates in providing certain key radio-elements for these studies, notably neptunium, plutonium, americium, and curium.

Introduction and Methods During the early phases of the development of the Plutonium Project, it became apparent that one of the most serious problems to be encountered was the protection of personnel working in this field against the immense quantities of radiation and radioactive materials produced by the chain-reacting pile. The most important hazard that arises from the release of nuclear energy are radiations produced directly from fission and subsequently emitted by the resultant fission products and plutonium. The fission products can produce injury either as an external source of radiation or, if they gain entry into the body, by acting as an internal radioactive poison, quite analogous to radium poisoning. This latter consideration is a major concern, since the amounts required within the body to produce injurious effects are minute compared to the quantities necessary to induce damage by external beta and gamma irradiation. end quote.

None of the efforts of global nuclear authorities in the decades since have contradicted the findings made prior to and during the course of the Manhattan Project in regard to the magnifier effect of internal emitters.

The admission by the US Clinton Administration that the Manhattan Project Plutonium workers did indeed suffer greatly from there-to-fore large rates of plutonium related disease has not been appreciated for what that admission actually means.

The standards which set a “permissible dose” for those workers was greatly flawed, and that it was not the external hazard which caused the disease but the magnifying effect of Pu as an internal hazard. Not only is it a bone seeker, it is an iron analogue.

These things have direct bearing, I believe in the case for the nuclear veterans and everyone else.

I have been arguing thus for a number of years. It saddens me to realise that the Australian case and the British case put by victims has been denied by the British courts.

Very soon no survivor will be left alive to recount the facts of the matter to younger generations. The law of the land will ignore those who did indeed suffer and die even in the 1950s and since. I know of no veteran of the British who returned from the field of proxy and practice nuclear battle with the same health possessed prior to be sent to the concentrated fallout fields.

I have made over 1,000 posts in this blog, and this is what it is all about. I have been pulled this way and that, by many people. The fundamental thing I know is that the knowledge which proves the justice of the case is very old, and that it has been suppressed and twisted.

This work is nearly finished I think. It is easy to be an ideologue. It is far harder to actually to understand and explain from the basis of proof.

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