The dream of being a Kindergarten Teacher in Kanazawa won’t come true

2013.4.11. / Okuma-machi, Fukushima.福島県双葉郡大熊町。『一時帰宅した 20 歳. 女性』この町は緑がたくさんあってとても美しいところでした ….. 。”Lady 20 yrs old who returned temporary” / I entered to university in Kanazawa pref. before the Great Tohoku quake occurred. Left my father, mother and my grand parents…After 2yrs and a month later after the quake has occurred, first of all I’ve seen my home town and my old home.Also I had to came back waring hazmat suit.I thought that I can’t come back to my home town.My dream was come back to my home town and become a kindergarten teacher.I realised that my dream won’t come true.I can understand the damage of massive quake and Tsunami.But I realised the damage of radiation is

more than I’ve imagined…. / Lady who is looking the view of her home town after she left her old home. / Photography : Yusei Yamaga.

3.11. Fukushima ….. 。Okuma-machi, Fukushima. A special guard zone. 1 nuclear power plant 0.0〜800 m. 473 μSv/h~東日本大震災から2年目。3.11. 2013. 警戒区域.福島県双葉郡大熊町, 夫沢大墓地.0.0〜800m. 最大線量473 μSv/h〜。/ Photography : S . Mochizuki. — with Yusei Yamaga and Michiyoshi Hatakeyama.

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