“We have to get maximum Bang for our (uranium) buck” – Tom Koutsantonis



Shock jock role playing “SA Minister of Mines” in March 2011.

“Mr Koutsantonis said Australia should maximise uranium profits and provocatively pointed to the nuclear crisis in Japan as proof that enrichment should be embraced.

“No deaths have been attributed to radiation (in Japan),” Mr Koutsantonis told the annual Paydirt uranium conference in Adelaide yesterday.
“I am not joining the chorus of naysayers. I urge you to step up to the plate and argue the safety of nuclear reactors. I will stand with you and argue that case.” ” (March 2011, scribed by the Minister into the rock of nuclear history. A fine example of deliberate political and human blindness and arrogance.)

Yes Minister.

No Minister.

The Minister is a toxic waste of space. In whatever portfolio they choose to shove him.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Some only think of profits and themselves, we all suffer when then become in charge of important decisions!

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