Very Important Article by SARAH D. PHILLIPS

Don’t Be So Sure Fukushima isn’t Chernobyl?

Counterpunch, Weekend Edition March 15-17, 2013

Which unplugged in me the following:

Social Work with radiological skills is a critical requirement in the aftermath of nuclear disaster.

Eggheads from government waving radiac devices have shown they only make things worse. They have said “low dose, freee CT scans courtesy of TEPCO. Safe enough to eat Plutonium. Cesium like a banana. They say, when the radiological characteristics and the additive equilibrium are burdens, not of a small fraction, but of all the radio cesium, not a nutrient, one is forced to eat by the nuclear chefs. Not suffering consequences themselves, and defining life and normality by their own narrow reading of a dial gauge, they have no idea actually how to read and appreciate the consequences actually lived and suffered by those affected.

Bombardiers in charge of public health care most about the infrastructure they own, not the people forced by decree to live amidst the contaminated despoiled structures and landscapes which now entrap, limit and sicken the population. It is a prime aim of nuclear authorities to attempt to cause such people to keep their mouths shuts, almost by any means.

The skilled reporter and advocate however can read correctly both the environment and the people living within it.

This is an important article.

It is my opinion, as a layperson, that a key omission from the conventional basis of diagnosis of immediate physical consequences from radiological assault. The experience of Australia’s nuclear survivors from the 1950s has been one of illness. Chronic unwellness, a marked and demonstrated increase in risk of cancer, official denials, destruction and suppression of medical records, withholding of information, suppression and political and social exclusion.

In Australia today, people – Aboriginal people – continue to need treatment for skin damage inflicted by nuclear fallout. Diagnosis was denied for 30 years, when diagnosis was made, it was made with medical ignorance of the causative event. When a such a victim did prove to a court, on the basis of qualified evidence, that nuclear fallout caused the injury, the entire court proceeding was suppressed.

I expect no different to occur in Japan, as this process of arrogant and deliberate exclusion has occurred in every country in the world has rehearsed the same pantomime of deceit. From the 1950s on, the Australian fallout was classed as “low dose” by British and Australian authorities.

So too, is it called in Japan. Low dose. Good for you, some say.

Crap to that.

Each events yields 50 – 60 years of contest as government and industry repeatedly deny the reality of experience and loss suffered by populations who are actually entitled to honest leadership.

The final denial of justice to victims of Hiroshima’s 1945 happened, we must not forget, in 2012, when government decree overturned the findings of Japan’s courts. The affected zone, despite the evidence, was thus not expanded.

Nuclear authorities had kept the secrets since that time.

Eventually, none these lies will stand. There is a funded industry which beavers away saying “low dose is safe”, that nuclear pollution within their economic range is good!

We down here have been hearing the same since 1952. “The truth”, Marston said, “will be found within the bones of children.”

At the same time, nuclear authorities were stealing human body parts from hospital morgues around the world. They knew that Marston was right. In Australia, none other than the panel established to ensure radiation safety attempted to censor Marston’s voice, even as they colluded with America and Britain and ship the stolen baby bones to them.

In 1964 British and Australian nuclear experts assured us here the land the nukers had befouled was clean and safe.

Our governments believed these lies until 1984. The clean up started in the 1990, finishing, in a compromised manner, only 2 years ago.

So many of the original owners died before they could return home.

The future is written in the past.

Teach the children well Japan.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Think about what the delay has meant in loss of life and health while at the same time the nuclear industry has prospered…

  2. Karl Johanson Says:

    The UN estimates that the smoke from fossil fuels and biomass energy kill around 2.5 million people every year (that’s an older number, it’s likely higher now). That’s just from the smoke, not from the explosions, mine accidents, fuel transportation accidents, etc. That’s more deaths every day that every nuclear accident in history combined. The number would be much higher without nuclear energy.

    • nuclearhistory Says:

      The people described in the article are the not the victims of a mining disaster, the smoke from fossil fuels or anything other than the actual cause of their specific situation. Many are way to ill to be able to work in a coal mine.

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