The TEPCO approved diet.

Would you feed it to your children?

First they pretended to be doctors dispensing free (and unrequired) CT scans.

Next, they prescribed cesium, iodine, strontium and plutonium in foods, saying it was safe. And that cesium is like a banana.

However, none of the TEPCO condiments are nutrients. The fraction of potassium in bananas or any other source in nature is a very minor fraction of the total potassium present, and the radiological characteristics of Potassiium 40 are very different and comparatively quite weak compared to radio cesium. In any food contaminated by TEPCO cesium, 100% of the cesium is radioactive, compared to the very minor fraction of any potassium amount in any food that is K40.

What possible motivation would a nuclear power company have to induce people in an entire population to eat its pollution?

The minimization of liability.

Glow in the dark carrots don’t improve your eyesight.

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  1. CaptD Says:

    Just say N☢ to the TEPC☢ approved diet.

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