The Story of Katrina Brown, Combat Nurse.

Dennis Heyden, on behalf of nuclear veterans, observes in part “The white plastic card handed to Iraq War veterans by Army Officials I believe is useful evidence , it admits :

“ You have been working in an area were depleted uranium (DU ) munitions have been used . DU has the potential to cause ill health . You may have been exposed to dust containing DU during your deployment .” This would clearly have been equally relevant advice for 1950’s and 60’s nuclear test veterans . The motives for the cover – up and denial of the health effects of LDLLR applied to the nuclear test veterans and avoidance of accountability and responsibility for ill health is a similar crime against humanity .

I trust you will consider that the official admitted truth of legacy ill health effects from LDLLR will be brought to the notice of Treasury Solicitors , the Supreme Court and any Judges handling cases of victims of radioactivity .

Please distribute this report to all who are working to achieve justice . I believe contact with the Iraq War veteran and the Daily Mail reporter is a priority . The MoD paid £400,000 compensation to a civilian typist suffering occupational repetitive stress syndrome . The Iraq war victim of radiation, Katrina Brown , is at least morally and ethically entitled to the cost of possible life saving treatment for the auto-immune system damage she acquired in service than a typist not risking her life for government policy .

Or will it forever remain that members of the armed forces are to be politically excluded from justice and regarded as cannon fodder to be used , abused and then abandoned ?

We surely can’t just sit by and say and do nothing .

Best wishes ,

Dennis ” email, 27 April 2013

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  1. CaptD Says:

    What is wrong with our Leaders that they allow our Government to turn away from those that stood up when our Country ask them to serve?

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