A Message to Australians from the British Government

The Royal Commission does not answer the questions that arise from the deaths and injuries resultant from the repeated nuclear bombing of Australia by Britain.

Dr Cutter of the Aboriginal Health Service, Alice Springs, testified that mass deaths of Aboriginal people occurred at the time. There are reports of mass graves. Britain took 10 years to not answer the question of the location of the mass graves.

There were at the time immediate deaths resultant from the Black Mist fallout cloud of 1953. That this fallout caused injury has been proven in court in the case of one claimant. The proceedings, evidence and judgement are all suppressed from the legal record.

I have spoken to medical staff who treated radiation inury affected persons at the time of the tests. One such nurse confirms that staff were threatened by government into silence as one boy died horribly.

Nuclear veterans confirm the death of at least RAAF aircrewman at the time of the tests.

There have been numerous reports of injury and premature deaths among civilians and military personnel in the decades since.

In 2006 the Australian government’s own health survey of nuclear veterans confirmed a much higher rate of cancers among nuclear test participants than the general population suffers.

Australia maintained no national cancer register until 1974. There is no before or after snapshot.

When I lodged an FOI to gain access to the records mentioned by Senator Chaney in relation to the question of nuclear effects among Aboriginal people (as recorded in Federal Hansard circa 1985, response to Labor party questioning of the Senator in the matter), my request was refused. The matter relates to correspondence between Chaney and the South Australian Health Commission. Instead of the documents requested, I was given a health survey of Aboriginal people conducted by SA HC which was described by the Royal Commission as “unfortunate”. Which puts it mildly.

Throughout this blog I have presented concrete examples of supproession of information and evidence which continues to this day. The matter most in the control of the (apparently coionial) government of Australia is the matter regarding the actual fate of the Maralinga and relevant Port Augusta hospital records. These are apparently “lost” according government lore. I do not believe this for a second and they should be returned to Australians by the UK Ministry of Defence with all speed. So should the full exposure dose records of all Australian Service Personnel.

I remind the governments involved in this suppression that 10 years is a drop in the ocean compared to the time scale it will take for the people affected, and their affected children, to forget what has been done to them by their elected “governments”.

In this matter, at the time, the record shows that the Australian government was a fifth column in this nation on behalf of the British government.

That will not stand.

No matter how tripe hacks such as Andrew Bolt write in the paper about this matter, it will not stand.

As for the British government apology for taking 10 years not to provide the truth, Sorry is insufficient in this matter. This is evidenced by the British Court system turfing out the just claims by Australian Nuclear Veterans this year. Britain sorry – my arse.

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