Nuclear Veteran David Whyte – the battle with MoD continues.

British Nuclear Veteran Dave Whyte has sent me two emails which contained the followed attachments. Dave has found forgery involved in the medical records produced by the British Ministry of Defence and the British Government persists in denying the Nuclear Veterans access to specific DNA testing methods which are available to other people. The British government continues to refuse to allow similar DNA results obtained from New Zealand’s Nuclear Zealand as evidence in British courts.

Dave’s court hearing is approaching. As it proceeds I will gather all of Dave’s contributions and information and present them in a single blog post.

Given the stubborn refusal of the government and its courts to allow such DNA evidence as the British Nuclear Veterans do possess to be tendered as evidence in court, the letter from Cameron may well be another instance of a head of government passing a simply request for action into the rabbit warren of diluted responsibility and inequitable outcomes. If not, the court cases determined previously in this respect need to be reopened. For such DNA evidence has been willfully refused to date by the British Crown.

CTBTO synopsis.

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