Dave Whyte on Cytogenetic Blood Analysis

Hello Paul,

Perhaps this attachment (above) will prove why the British Government are loathe to give any nuclear Veteran a cytogenetic blood analysis.

The attachment shows there were 18 samples of nuclear veterans blood covertly sent to the Leiden University in the Netherlands in the 1990’s for a cytogenetic blood test. The results of the chromosomal damage discovered has never been revealed.

From what I can gather: the individuals who gave the blood samples were nuclear Veterans called in for a medical examination on the pretence it had something to do with the development of cataracts. They were never told about the blood analysis and never informed of the findings.

The British Government know, or have a very good idea, what the results of any blood analysis of a nuclear Veteran would reveal.

In addition to the above there was the Rowland study and an individual nuclear Veteran who had a cytogenetic blood analysis in 1983 at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. It was after the discovery of an inordinate level of chromosomal translocations in this individual that the British Government/Ministry of Defence were approached with a view of testing all nuclear Veterans to discover if this problem was endemic or a ‘One Off’. The suggestion of all nuclear Veterans being tested was discarded in favour of an epidemiological study. This way, the Authorities would appear to be doing something whilst at the same time they were doing nothing but covering up the truth.

The fact the British Government are doing everything in their power to discredit the results of cytogenetic blood testing of nuclear Veterans whilst giving the blood analysis to ‘CIVILIAN’ nuclear workers stinks of gross hypocrisy.

What are they really hiding?

All the best


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