The latent period of Childhood Thyroid Cancer in Belarus Post Chernobyl

Chernobyl Radiation-induced Thyroid Cancers in Belarus
Mikhail V. MALKO
Joint Institute of Power and Nuclear Research, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Krasin Str. 99, Minsk, Sosny, 220109, Republic
of Belarus: QUOTE: ” absence of marked latency period is another feature of radiation-induced thyroid cancers caused in Belarus as a result of this accident. ”

end quote.

The findings of this research directly contradict the self serving statement of Prof. Suzuki of Fukushima.

The latency of radiation induced childhood thyroid cancer was NOT found to be five years or more.

annual averages over eight year periods:
1971 to 1978 = 10/8 = 1.25
1979 to 1986 = 6/8 = 0.75
1987 to 1994 = 331/8 = 41.38
1995 to 2002 = 241/3 = 80.33

Each year after the Chernobyl event shows a rough doubling of new cases of childhood thyroid cancer. The doubling occurs from the low base of this naturally rare disease.
The first four years then represent a period of great increase. These years represent a PRECURSOR PERIOD prior to
a huge and tragic tsunami of childhood thyroid cancer in children. This disease is NOT a minor illness.

It is tragic that the rapid rise in childhood thyroid cancer the children of Fukushima is being dismissed by
officials in Japan. They are ignoring warning of possible
future events, event as they reference Chernobyl, but without citation, in their haste to ignore the present victims.
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