The chemical basis for mental effects from exposure to radiological insult

Army radiological safety training notes, Radiac Centre, 4 base workshop, RAEME, circa 1972, authors, OIC Capt J Smiley, 2 IC WO J Peacock, typiste CPl P Langley. Copyright waived. Unclassified. “Use them however you like Paul” These notes provide the chemical basis for the psychological effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. The so called experts in Japan who ascribe these effects to “mental weakness” on the part of nuclear victims in today’s Japan are in breach of their oaths as doctors. The very symptoms they ascribe as proof of no radiological harm is in fact documented in my military notes as proof to the contrary. These doctors must surely know it. Either way, it must be acknowledged that the physical brain is not immune to the same vectors of harm as the rest of the body.

The descriptions also apply to the effects reported suffered by the crew of the HMAS Murchison following its visit to the Port of Hiroshima in February 1946.

The definition of ARS, radiation sickness, limits the setting, type of exposure and dose required to a particular set.

There is nothing at all to say that syndromes and symptoms which are part of ARS cannot exist on their own as a result of types of exposures and at dose levels very different than those assigned to ARS and required for diagnosis.

The only exception is Local Radiation Injury (Beta Burn).

The crew of the Murchinson became sick probably as a result of drinking desalinated water taken from the waters of the port of Hiroshima.

They became both mentally and physically affected.

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