TEPCO states Cesium in seawater higher than in ground water


Link first blogged Fukushima Diary http://fukushima-diary.com/2013/06/tepco-seawater-cesium-level-is-higher-than-groundwater/ by Iori Mochizuki

TEPCO publication.
“Results of Groundwater Quality Survey at the East Side of the Turbine Building
at Fukushima Daiichi NPS”
June 19, 2013
Tokyo Electric Power Company

” Since radioactive material (cesium) density det
ected in seawater in the port has not decreased,
we have had expert review meeti
ngs to investigate the cause.
– The observation holes were drilled and groundwat
er was obtained/analyzed at the east side of
Unit 1-4 Turbine Buildings. Cesium density detect
ed in groundwater is lo
wer than those detected
in seawater, and it is declining recently. Therefor
e, the cause is not esti
mated to be affected by
the groundwater.
– Tritium density detected in groundwater obtained at
the sampling point between Unit 1 and Unit
2 in May 2013 was high (500,000Bq/L).

Evaluation as of now
– There is a high possibility that tritium has
been remained in soil and
has transferred to the
groundwater when the contaminated
water leaked out to the screen pu
mp room at Unit 2 in the
– Since tritium density detected in the groundw
ater obtained at the east side of the Turbine
Building increased more than one
digit compared to those detected in
December 2012, it is less
likely that the groundwater was affect
ed by fallouts observed in the past.
Although there is a high possibilit
y that the groundwater was af
fected by contaminated water
leakage observed in the past, we will
investigate the other possibilities.
As for the location where it is
likely to have contaminated, we
will prevent the contaminated
groundwater from spreading to the
sea and identify the contaminated area”

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