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Dave has recieved more information in regard to genetic testing of nuclear veterans, something the British government has barred from use as evidence in court, and has been dismissed when raised as a matter of concern in regard to veterans and their children.

Mr David Whyte
Fife KY2 6TL
Tel: 01592 268989
E-mail: dave.whyte@blueyonder.co.uk

Your Ref: D/Min(DPWV0/MF MCO1595/2013 20 June 2013

The RT Hon Mark Francois MP
Ministry of Defence
Floor 5 Zone B Main Building
London SW1A 2HB

Thank you for your rather belated reply to my Member of Parliaments letter sent to the Prime Minister, on my behalf, on the 13 March 2013.

It is noted that no answer was given regarding the discrimination between nuclear veterans and Civilian nuclear Workers. Nuclear Industry workers have received cytogenetic blood tests but they are being denied to nuclear veterans and their Families.

Is it possible the Ministry of Defence are fully aware of the results such tests would reveal? In 1983 a nuclear Veteran received a cytogenetic blood analysis and it was discovered he had an inordinate level of chromosomal translocations. In 2004 Fifty New Zealand Nuclear Veterans received a cytogenetic blood analysis and it was discovered they had three times the level of chromosomal translocations than those that had not witnessed a nuclear test. Then we have the 18 samples of nuclear veterans blood covertly sent to the Leiden University in the Netherlands for a cytogenetic blood test in the 1990’s. The results of the level of chromosomal translocations discovered in these tests have never been revealed. I wonder why! Perhaps you could enlighten me as to the TRUE results?

Had these tests proved negative they would have been published for all to see.

You state that formal and well documented procedures were in place to ensure the health and safety of those participating in the tests. Under what rules of health and safety was I sent into ground Zero 2 hours after the detonation of both Pennant and Burgee Atomic bombs to pick up all the radioactive debris and deliver it to the decontamination centre. I was denied the use of protective clothing and a respirator which were mandatory for all AWRE civilians to wear. Perhaps you can explain why that was permitted?

If the tests were so well documented perhaps you will answer why my two radiation film badges went missing? Why there is no record of the reading of 5 roentgens per hour for both of my QFE dosimeters? Why did the result of my blood count taken after the tests go missing? Why has the result of the lymph node biopsy carried out at the Royal Air Force Hospital in Aden in 1960 never been placed in my Service records? Why is there no trace of my hospital records from Aden which contain the results of numerous tests and examinations (including the lymph node results) conducted during my 25 day stay?

You may have noticed that every document that would prove I received more radiation than permitted under International Standards is conveniently missing or concealed. Perhaps this is the reason for the refusal to give all nuclear veterans a cytogenetic blood test. Am I right?

If the Ministry of Defence have nothing to hide, perhaps you may be able to give me the reasons for deliberately falsifying the purposes regarding the issue of three radiation film badges to me?

Forgery is an indictable offence under criminal law, perhaps you can explain why my release medical document was forged, who signed it and who authorised the forgery?

I notice you state ‘my officials have informed me that due to the specialist nature of this research tool, it would not be of any assistance to them.” I take it your officials are referring to the fact is would not assist them in their continual denials that no harm befell the nuclear veterans and the genetic damage is now being passed from generation to generation.

I am attaching the letter that was written on behalf of David Cameron when he was leader of the opposition. Perhaps you may like to explain his change of attitude!

I look forward to receiving your replies to the questions I have raised and hope there may not be such a long time delay.

Dave Whyte.

end quote.

It should be noted that Sue Roffe’s report of the New Zealanders’ genetic damage and other data Sue had presented under a grant from the New Zealand government while she was a researcher at the University of Dundee, Scotland which resulted in the Australian government’s health survey of Australians affected by the British bomb tests in Australia. This study was completed in 2006. While the government stated that Aboriginal people and pastoralists were to be included, in the event this promise was broken. The study found that nuclear veterans suffered a much higher incidence rate of a range of cancers than the general population. The scientists paid by government to theorise on the cause of the increase rate of disease among the veterans concluded that though they could not account for the increase in disease. Though being totally mystified, they did state that, no matter what the cause of the increased rate of disease was, and it was a mystery, they said, they reported being utterly convinced that the increased exposure to ionising radiation unique to the veterans, and to no other group, could not possibly, absolutely and without question, though the scientists were perplexed and did not have a clue, they said, about what the cause actually was, was not , for sure, totally and without equivacation, the bomb tests, which were totally harmless and of great benefit to every one concerned.

And so the scientists fulfilled their contract and got paid.

Well done University of Adelaide.

In Nov 2006, the Australian government, led by the by now all knowing Prime Minister of the day, floated the siting of a nuclear reactor in South Australia in order to provide power for desalination of sea water to supply the uranium mines, to power the mines and proposed enrichment plants and to fuel the reactor which was to power the mines.

Thus far the Australian public has refused to concede that nuclear scientists do not know what caused the greatly increased rate of cancers to be suffered by nuclear veterans if it went for the events which caused the cohort to exist in the first instance, ie the detonation of nuclear weapons within 12 miles of the cohort on a number of separate occassions.

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