Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima: source terms: health effects

Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima:
source terms: health effects

Dr Ian Fairlie
Consultant on Radiation in the Environment
United Kingdom

“About Ian Fairlie

I’m an independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment living in London UK. I’ve studied radiation and radioactivity at least since the Chernobyl accident in 1986. I’ve a degree in radiation biology from Bart’s Hospital in London and my doctoral studies at Imperial College in London and (briefly) Princeton University in the US concerned the radiological hazards of nuclear fuel reprocessing. I formerly worked as a civil servant on the regulation of radiation risks from nuclear power stations. From 2000 to 2004, I was head of the Secretariat of the UK Government’s CERRIE Committee on internal radiation risks. Since retiring from Government service, I have been a consultant on radiation matters to the European Parliament, local and regional governments, environmental NGOs, and private individuals. My areas of interest are the radiation doses and risks arising from the radioactive releases at nuclear facilities.”

“On March 15, at 06.10 am, “explosive
event” in fuel pond at unit 2, followed
seconds later by “explosive event” in
spent fuel pond at unit 4, then fire

On March 16 at 05.45 am, a major
explosion at Unit 4

No TV video footage as explosions
occurred so early in the mornings ”

Time of measurement. Data source: TEPCO

four explosions
destroyed the reactors of Units
1, 2, 3, and the spent fuel pond of Unit 4;

spent fuel stored in Units 1–4 pools overheated
as water levels dropped; fuel
at Unit 4 pool

core meltdowns
in reactors of Units 1, 2, and 3;

7 workers/soldiers
by the explosions

many more workers suffered high radiation
and had to be evacuated;

large-scale civilian

Immediate Consequences
• ~12,000 workers exposed to up to 250 mSv
• ~100,000 persons evacuated

food and water heavily contaminated
• ~8% of Japan’s surface area contaminated

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