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Hello Paul,

The case meeting that I attended on the 8th July determined that the cases were to be ‘Stayed’ until October when a further meeting would be arranged to decide the way forward. It has been agreed that those individuals serving in the forward area may have received more radiation than the Secretary of State has stated.

I want to see an acknowledgement that all nuclear veterans received more radiation than the SOS is prepared to admit to.

After the bombs were detonated, the Servicemen turned to face the bomb and braced themselves to be hit by the blast. This blast would have carried radioactive particles in the same manner as the blast carried them up into the air to be spread around the world. The blast from the bomb carrying these radioactive particles did not only travel vertically it also travelled horizontally.

I have advocated for some time that the arbiter to this whole affair is a cytogenetic blood test but the Ministry of Defence are doing everything in their power to ensure we are unable to obtain one.

We are now aware of the nuclear veteran who was tested in 1983 at the Edinburgh western general hospital in Edinburgh who was found to have an inordinate level of chromosomal translocations; There were 18 samples of blood covertly sent to the Leiden University in the 1990’s for a cytogenetic blood analysis but the results have not been revealed: The Al Rowland study of 50 ex-Naval personnel (nuclear veterans) in New Zealand discovered the nuclear veterans had three times the level of chromosomal translocations than the controls who had not witnessed a nuclear explosion: We have 294 retired Civilian nuclear workers who received the cytogenetic blood analysis in 2004 but the results have not been revealed.

Now, thanks to Dennis Hayden’s discovery, it appears, in 1968, there were 197 Male Rosyth Naval Dockyard workers working on nuclear submarines having their blood analysed over a period of 10 years it has been discovered the more radiation a person received the greater their chromosomal translocations. The attached page comes from the publication ‘The Dangers of Low Level Radiation.’ by Charles Sutcliffe printed in 1987.

I believe it is up to all the legal teams to demand full cytogenetic testing of nuclear Veterans and their Families to discover the truth.

Hope this may be of interest.

Best wishes


Hang in there Dave. If there is a god in heaven, the dudes who think they are perpetual on earth won’t get a look in or at least, if they do slip passed St Peter’s gate keeper, they will be getting a perpetual deep blue glare from my eyes I can tell you that.

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