Masao Yoshida, Nuclear Engineer and Chief at Fukushima Plant, Dies at 58, continued.

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The recent passing of Mr Masao Yoshida is a moving event which saddens me. Mr Yoshida did stand up to the distant TEPCO bosses safe in Tokyo while he battled the emergent crisis in March 2011.

Death by cancer of the esophagus is an all too common event and one risk factor is persistent or long term gastic reflex.

Gastric reflex is, like many conditions, linked to stress.

TEPCO in the early days of the disaster claimed the nuclear pollution (by way of its emission of vast amounts of radionuclide chemicals from the Fukushima plant) was “like a CT scan”.

While I do not ascribe to the view that the radiological aspects caused Mr Yoshida’s cancer, I would like to point out that the claimed “CT scan” (as TEPCO called its pollution in March 2011) did nothing to provide Mr Yoshida with an early diagnosis of his condition.

Why? because nuclear pollution is NOT a ct scan, TEPCO directors and PR people hold pens, not medical instruments, aren’t qualified medically to deliver a pregnant lap dog of its puppies, direct employees who hold spanners, not scapels, and such people have no medical expertise in these matters what so ever.

Mr Yoshida remains a hero of Fukushima. His actions at the start of the crisis saved an even bigger disaster, the disaster that continues.

If anyone who reads this still considers that nuclear pollution is “like a CT scan” needs, in my qualified opinion (Cert 3 in Mental Health and Young work, Australian Army Radiological Safety NCO, retired) needs their bleeding heads read.

Finally, if TEPCO and sections of government and industry are correct in their claim that nuclear pollution is “like a CT scan”, how come a hospital janitor can turn off a CT scanner off and why cannot the world’s nuclear genius class do the same for the radionuclides emitted and still emitted by the Fukushima Diiachi Nuclear Power Plant? Because internal emitters are genies out the bottle and they have been released in vast bulk. Stopping, then minimising that release was the great task confronted with such courage by Mr Yoshida and he and others like him deserve the gratitude of the world, even though they failed. The battle continues at Fukushima. The fact that it does gives the lie to the statements issued by nuclear pen pushers who claim, for example, that there is no worry involved in having children eat plutonium. A statement these cretins have repeatedly made.

If there is no medical need, if there is no benefit to the patient, if there is no informed consent, then the exposure is not medicine. And medical concepts used as political sledge hammers against dissent, are tools which are in breach of the Nuremberg Protocols. That’s not just my opinion, that is the finding of the US Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments Final Report as established by Exeuctive Order.

Japan, with it’s history, needs to ensure its leaders in government and industry are up to speed on the provisions of the Nuremberg Conventions.

They don’t appear to be in my eyes.

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