“International Business Times” report of the “Mystery” mutant Fukushima Vegetables.”

Partial quote only, see full text at link above.
Restart of Japanese Nuclear Plants: Fukushima Vegetables, A Weaker Yen Unlikely To Help With Japan’s Trade Deficit

By Moran Zhang
on July 17 2013 5:33 AM

It also remains to be seen how Japan’s people will react to a potential restart of the plants, as problems continue to plague the Fukushima nuclear plant. According to a recent poll, 51 percent of Japanese oppose the resumption of nuclear energy and, as recently as June, 60,000 people gathered in Tokyo to protest against it.

The head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, Shunichi Tanaka, announced on July 10 that an ongoing radioactive leak was “strongly suspected” at the site.

Fukushima’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Incorporated (TYO: 9501), has acknowledged problems are mounting at the plant north of Tokyo, the site of the world’s worst atomic disaster since Chernobyl in 1986. The operator has reported spikes in the amounts of radioactive cesium, tritium and strontium detected in groundwater at the plant, adding urgency to the task of sealing any leaks. Radioactive cesium and strontium, especially, are known to raise risks of cancer in humans.

Moreover, photos of what looked like malformed vegetables from Fukushima have surfaced on Imgur, a popular photo-sharing site that’s a favorite among Reddit’s user base.

Effects from the Fukushima radiation disaster? Imgur

“While the government should have a freer hand if it wins the Upper House elections on Sunday, as we expect, it can’t ignore popular opinion altogether. Any restart of the power stations is therefore likely to be a slow process,” Thieliant and Jessop said. end quote.

See Fukushima Diary, July 2011 for photographs of mutant vegetables reported at that time in fallout affected areas adjacent to the Fukushima Diiachi NPP. This story is not a “recent surface” as the conventional press would have it be perceived.

Democracy has never stopped the nuclear slum Mr Jessop. In the 1950s opponents were accused of being enemies of the state who aided hostile nations, today opponents are diagnosed as mentally ill by industry funded “doctors”. Disagreement in a democracy is not a disease Pam.

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