Bulletin of Nuclear Veterans and Children UK, in the wake of refusal of evidence.

Hello Paul,
Many thanks for your e-mail.   People can contact fissionline@gmail.com and ask to be placed on the distribution list, or alternatively if they give me their e-mail address I would add it onto my distribution list.    
I think fissionline is having a fair impact and the circulation appears to be growing with every issue.  I even send a complimentary copy to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, but as yet he has to acknowledge receiving it!
All the best
Dave Whyte.

Wow, I didn’t realise glove puppets could hold a pen Dave. Maybe he is having trouble.

The new age of the privatisation of risk enjoyed by nuclear industry, as witnessed in Japan, is enabled by the precedent of denial of evidence as perfected by governments in the era of military exposures.

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