UK Nuke Vet Appeal Hearings Progress to next level

An open email letter 23 July 2013
please circulate

Dear all ,


As many of you know the exclusion of Dr Chris Busby from giving evidence at
the Ionising Radiation Nuclear Veterans and Widows Pension Appeals Tribunal
has been overturned on a point of law. The decision of the Tribunal , on 7
May 2013, was found to have “procedural irregularities” resulting in a
serious injustice. ( see fwwd email from Dr Busby ).

The Judge has upheld the right to appeal to all the veterans and widows in
the Tribunal case . Veterans and widows in this case who wishes to appeal
are strongly urged to do so .

You can see Dr Busby’s explanation of what happened , by typing the
following link into your search engine to YouTube . This link gives reasons why this case is
important for all nuclear test veterans and widows and indeed for all
persons potentially exposed to ionising radiation past , present and
future.The link will also lead to other links that give more detail for
those with a deeper interest .

Please pass the following to others who you believe may be interested in
truth and justice . Any publicity about this latest development would be
greatly appreciated. Members of the press in receipt of this email are
particularly invited to comment especially those who have reported in the
past on nuclear related topics . The content of this email , regarding the
need for expert and independent scientific witness by appellants , does
not apply only to nuclear test veterans involved in the UK weapons test
programme 1952 to 667 but to veterans since 1991 exposed fall out from
depleted uranium weapons.

More details can be found by looking at the website / Atomic
Veterans which gives a note of caution for all potential future claimants
seeking expert witness for damage to health from exposure to ionising
radiation past, present and future . Hogan Lovells ( the company concerned
with prejudicial irregularities with appellants over expert witness
evidence leading to serious injustice of the May 2013 Tribunal )
are also trying to get all appellants to join them in appeal.

However, Hogan Lovell’s appeal is suspicious because it is based upon the
idea that the Judge made the wrong decision .In fact the Judge Stubbs only
acted upon the evidence presented to him which did not include Dr Busby’s
detailed bundle of evidence . The law says an appeal can only be raised on
a point of law . Therefore Hogan Lovell’s appeal, if successful and if
using their same expert witness in the failed case now appealed due to
prejudicial irregularities, would be unlikely to succeed again on behalf
of appellants . That is , in what is increasingly looking like a case of
collusion, it may be that Hogan Lovell’s is appealing not to win the case
but to lose the case .

The message therefore to all nuclear veterans and widows seeking justice
now or in the future is clear :

Do not allow the irregular legal practice of applying pressure on you at
short notice to force you to only use an expert witness picked by your
legal firm against the expert of your own preference. This inevitably will
again result in serious injustice. Ask for a reputable independent expert
such as Dr Busby to act on your behalf as an expert witness to present
evidence on the hazards of radiation at Pension Appeal Tribunals and other
related cases.

With regards to all ,

Dennis Hayden
founder of the CVFI

Attached: 1) copy of fissionline 7 for July .
2) letter granting appeal

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Cc: Ian Anderson ; PAUL ; DAVID WHYTE ; Archie Ross ; Alan Rimmer ; ;
Subject: RE: The exclusion of Professor Busby’s evidence at the Pension
Appeal Case .

Dear all,
here is an update.

Stubbs allowed our appeal on Friday. On a point of Law.
He says it will apply to all the appellants
I attach a .pdf of his letter.
Now we have to get a bit of money together and go forward to the Upper
Tally Ho!

All the best


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