Mark Willacy’s book “Fukushima”

At last.

A no bullshit Australian book on Fukushima. Apart from the book or two from Japanese authors, this is tops. Not many Japanese English language books on Fukushima, people probably fear being sent to social and economic purgatory by the Nuclear Slum Power Elite in Japan.

Mark’s book is Highly recommended.

Get either the paperback old fashioned version or the modern ebook here:,%20Mark

cautionary notes for Andrew Bolt.
1. This book has words in it.
2. It is not a “Gina’s Agenda” product.

Ziggy’s book “Everything is absolutely normal and perfectly safe at Fukushima”, is due out in September. Chapter 1, “No chance of significant radio isotope release and build up” is presently undergoing minor revision. Provisional cost $1,200 for the 5 page ebook, as fitting for a former head of the Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organisation. *

Imagine if he was still in charge eh.**

*not really
** really
Ziggy has a big future in the British MoD if he chooses to migrate.

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