Unsafe at Any Wattage – Nader on Reactor Parks, 1977

One of the tragically haunting spectacles of the Fukushima disaster has been the bravery of people who had to work to reduce radionuclide and gamma and neutron emissions from the mass failure of multiple reactors in a concentrated field of hazard created by close packed multiple reactor units. Units all failing together from the same integral dangers resultant fromt he 1934 patents their desgin embody. Chain reaction capable of generating temperatures capable of turning their structures first to metallic jelly, then liquid, with the fuel doing the same and emitting gas at the same time.

The reason why so many reactors are packed in together at Fukushima and other reactor parks has to do with the social engineering required if nuclear reactors are to be built in a nominally democratic country. Multiple reactors, each built at it’s own location would result in multiple communities resisting and protesting each reactor proposal. By building multiple units at the one site, the industry and government can focus on isolating one community, one protest set, and offer one set of “inducements” to shut the community up and buy compliance.

In 1975 Nader and Abbotts foresaw the results of disaster of such reactor parks. Their book “The Menance of Atomic Power” was panned by nuclear experts who labelled it unrealistic.

Reading the reports of the TEPCO people who had to shelter in the bunker in March 2011 due to the intensity of the killing field outside, one can only wonder what the nuclear experts in the 1970s actually suppressed in their condemnation of the Nader/Abbott book. The truth, obviously. Far from being an “irksome work”, the book was and remains technically profficient at predicting failure modes and the cdonsequence amplification inherent in arrogant design typical of an industry intent of brow beating taxpayers into compliance with its agenda.

Here’s what the nukers thought of the Nader/Abbotts book:


Here’s what Nader and Abbotts wrote about massed reactors placed together in one location in order to maximise returns and isolate communities:

“Irksome” or accurate? Who was bullshitting- the authors or the industry? Should Tepco and the people of Japan read the book before giving the green light to the Fukushima disaster at the construction phase, which was still ongoing in 1977. In fact, Nader and Abbott didn’t invent the information, their sources were nuclear engineers, many of who lost their jobs due to their resistance to the internal industry attitudes and technical stupidity.

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