Deaths by Years – 1955-2008, Australian Nuclear Veterans, Com. Dept Health

Notes: The number of deaths for Maralinga to mid 1983 are from 1982-1983.
Data Source: Australian Commonwealth Department of Health survey of former
atomic test participants, not all of whom served at the blast zone, but all of
whom lived among the fallout.

Source Document: “Atomic Fallout”, June/July 2008 pp3. The organ of the Atomic ExServicemen’s Association, ACT Inc. National Secretary/editor, Terry Toon, Keperra, Queensland.

The figures do not include those who died subject to the Official Secrets Act in the 1950s in sealed hosptial rooms with medical staff bullied and threatened if they uttered a word.

These figures do not include the 1,500 Canadians involved, the British, the Aboriginal people nor the farmers, nor the sheep and cattle.

I guess that now it all radio chemist radio chemist in Sweden will really to town on this one. Phuck him. He aint licenced to spread the shit around countryside either.

The nuclear bombing of Australia by a foriegn power was permitted by the Liberal Party Government of the day. So much for border security.

The Labor Party sponsored Royal Commission was a white wash in very many specific issues.
The recommendation to decontaminate the Maralinga nuclear test site made in the 1980s was not commenced until the 1990s. Aboriginal people forcibly moved off their land did not re occupy it until the 21st century.

The Rudd government promise to compensate nuclear veterans is an empty one. It is easier to falsely alcohol abuse while stationed at the desert site in order to win in court, because the radiogenic doses are bulk reconsructions, are false, and the relevant information is ignored. To get some justice, time and time, petrol fumes in the desert and beer are blamed by the authorities who have lied for decades to the Australian people and the people of the world. Thus, the Howard Liberal government, while finding nuclear veterans suffer greatly increased rates of disease, blame everything but the cause which dictated the formation of men known as the nuclear veteran cohort to be created in the first. Months after this 2006 finding, Howard proposed the construction of an NPP near Port Augusta.
Arsehole. If petrol fumes and beer were the cause Johnnie boy, Everyone who catches a bus and goes to the pub on a Friday night would be in the position of a nuclear veteran and they are not.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

I know of no major Australian Political Party prepared to act on the Anzac Ode in relation
to the Nuclear guinea pigs diverted from the Korean War to serve at Australian Test Sites.

Any politician from the guilty political parties who sends me electioneering crap may well find it posted back to them COD attached to 12 house bricks.

The graph above merely shows deaths by year period. It does not show the decades of severe ill health, pain and suffering experienced by these veterans, nor does it show the the effects upon the children of many veterans.

I regularly get accused of going into too much detail. Stiff.
Politicians lie.

“Compare that to Chernobyl”: Chief medical spokesman, Fukushima Hospital, in relation to childhood thyroid cancer in the Prefecture. Guess what happens when you do?

Paul Langley