“Great” Britain illegal and secret use of radio cobalt, Maralinga

Source: Atomic Fallout Magazine, the organ of the Atomic ExServicemen’s Association, Inc ACT, National Secretary and Editor, Mr Terry Toon, Queensland. Quoting the cited sources.

More on the cobalt incident and the suffering of the primary victim, can be read here:

Quote: Doug Rickard (26 May 1939 – 7 May 2002) was an Australian-born space engineer. He is known for his stories of engineering while at the Woomera Deep Space Station. He died in 2002 from myelofibrosis caused by contact with Cobalt-60 while working at the Maralinga nuclear test facility.[1][2]

Some of his stories have been collected by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, whose logo he possibly inspired (although the logo was designed by Bill Kennard), under the title Memoirs of a space engineer. Additional humorous engineering stories[3] include hand-decoding images from Mariner 4 onto a sheet of graph paper since NASA JPL had only built a single display system, running a magnetic tape recorder 25 times over its rated speed to have enough bandwidth to record Ranger 9 video of its impact on the moon, and an impromptu excavation of Pompeii’s plumbing systems.

Doug also worked for some time for the Australian subsidiary of Digital Equipment Corporation. During that time he was seconded to Project Athena, the Campuswide Computing environment developed at MIT, with the specific responsibility of developing “Bones” a version of the Kerberos Authentication System, that did not relying on strong encryption, and as such would not require US Government approval for export. end quote

Doug Rickard

Born: May 26, 1939
Died: May 7, 2002

Many years of suffering and a tragic death, due to nuclear lies and the moral blindness of nuclear authorities.

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