Radiation caused deaths of Australian Occupation Troops, Hiroshima & Kure, Japan 1946 on

Source: Atomic Fallout Magazine, the organ of the Atomic ExServicemen’s Association, Inc ACT, National Secretary and Editor, Mr Terry Toon, Queensland. Quoting the cited sources.

Early reports of illness among US Occupation troops who served in radiation affected areas of Japan were discounted in multiple reports over a number of years. One claim steadfastly made by US Authorities (such as the ironically named Defence Nuclear Agency, DNA) was that the radiation encountered was beneficial and that evolution was enhanced by the troops exposure. By the time of Reagan, such crap, now repeated routinely by US DOE paid contractors such as Adelaide and Flinders University had ceased to wash as more and more Americans witnessed for themselves the devastating effects of nuclear fallout both at home and abroad. 1954 was a turning point. “Nuclear Evolution” has not been beneficial to the people of the Marshall Islands, Nevada and other places. Despite what Brooks and Sykes may claim about radiation being like “vitamins”, as did the DNA in the 1960s. Hormesis is a cult. There is no beneficial dose for the healthy without medical need of a medical dose to counter disease. All medicine has a cost and a benefit. The misuse of medical jargon by non medical authorities irradiate the healthy is against medicine as well as the Nuremberg Protocols, as pointed out by ACHRE 1994 and by Presidential Executive Order and apology 1995.)

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