Radiation proven to have killed nuclear veteran – Australian widow wins in court.

Source: Atomic Fallout Magazine, the organ of the Atomic ExServicemen’s Association, Inc ACT, National Secretary and Editor, Mr Terry Toon, Queensland. Quoting the cited sources.

The government maintains the radiation experienced by nuclear veterans was “low dose” of the kind considered “beneficial” and like “vitamins by US DOE contractors employed at Flinders and Adelaide Universities. The Australian courts have seen evidence which disagrees.

These DOE contractors are advisors to the Australian government and have attempted to bully and censor a public meeting held at Uni SA which discussed the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in 2012.

It is very clear these Australian agents of the US DOE are using the same old technigues at the same time they knew British and Australian Nuclear Veterans and Aboriginal victims of radiation were engaged in legal action against two governments in the pursuit for justice.

I think the people of Japan need to take note how nuclear authorities behave.

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