US scientists told not to “find” radiation at Hiroshima, September, 1945

Source: Atomic Fallout Magazine, the organ of the Atomic ExServicemen’s Association, Inc ACT, National Secretary and Editor, Mr Terry Toon, Queensland. Quoting the cited sources.

The quote by Collins is repeated below with full credit given to the original source and the later source from which Australian Nuclear Veterans learned these and from which they gained the above quotation:

An Account of the Official Manhattan District Party to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Donald L. Collins was a Manhattan Project Health Physicist. His job was to monitor radioactivity. He states:

“I reported to General Nichols and received orders to take
my emergency instruments and join the Atomic Bomb
Investigations Committee under Col Stafford Warren, Head
of the Medical Division of the (Manhattan) District. We flew
to Tinian where we saw the Enola Gay, which had delivered
the first atomic bomb.

While enroute we received word that the war was over. We
were addressed by General Farrell who told us more
specifically that our mission was to prove that there was no
radioactivity from the bomb.
In my typical attitude (I didn’t
particularly consider myself military), I didn’t mind talking
back to him. I said “Excuse me, General. I thought we were
going to measure the radioactivity.”

Well, that’s what we did. While we were sitting, waiting to
get into Japan – we were scheduled to be there, but we
weren’t quite there – we read in the Stars and Stripes the
results of our findings!” (Source: Donld L. Collins, “Pictures
from the Past: Journeys into Health Physics in the Manhattan
District and other Deverse Places”, in Kathren and Ziemer
(Eds.), Health Physics: A Backward Glance (Oxford,
Pergamon Press, 1980)pp37-45

cited by Sue Rabbitt Roff “Hotspots: The Legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki” Cassell,
1995, ISBN 0-304-33437-5

Collins in fact traced fallout from the Nagasaki bomb 32
miles out to sea, and found land based radiation readings at
3 times normal background readings 6 weeks after the
bomb. (Source: Rabbitt Roff, ibid. pp 23). These readings
represent the emissions of millions of small discrete
radioactive particles, released into the local biosphere by the
Nagasaki bomb. When ingested, such particles deliver doses
over time to local tissue at an immense rate. This potential
for internal damage is huge, not representative of the
external dose rate, and subject to random movement within
the biosphere. Victims are foreseeable, their individual
outcomes unpredictable.

The statements of Collins above can be cross referenced with comments recorded by Nello Pace, USN, ordered to monitor Nagasaki by McArthur, and so out of the Manhattan District Engineer chain of command. Unknown to Farrell and Groves, Pace entered Nagasaki and recorded radiation readings “waving a geiger counter out of the jeep”. His report earned him a severe dressing down by Groves, who saw the low security level of Pace’s report as a breach of security. Pace was only cleared to secret. Groves required above top secret. See

Further Robert Stone, on the ground in Hiroshima wrote the following regarding the US deception being administered by the Manhattan Project, which was under full civilian control (Groves was commanded via a Presidential chain of civilian command):

“While promoting the beneficial uses of radiation, the government also wished to continue and expand research on its harmful effects. Three days after the destruction of Hiroshima, Robert Stone wrote two letters to Stafford Warren’s deputy, and Stone’s former student, Hymer Friedell. The first expressed hope that the contribution of medical researchers could now be made public, so that people would know what they had done during the war.[57] The second letter described Stone’s “mixed feelings” at the success that had been achieved and his fear that the lingering effects of radiation from the bomb had been underestimated: “I could hardly believe my eyes,” Stone wrote, “when I saw a series of news releases said to be quoting Oppenheimer, and giving the impression that there is no radioactive hazard. Apparently all things are relative.”[58]” Source: The Aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Emergence of the Cold War Radiation Research Bureaucracy, Advidory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, Presidential committee, 1994. ref docs:
57 . Robert S. Stone, M.D., to Lieutenant Colonel H. L. Friedell, U.S. Engineer Corps, Manhattan District, 9 August 1945 (“In reading through the releases . . .”) (ACHRE No. DOE-121494-D-2).
58 . Robert S. Stone, M.D., to Lieutenant Colonel H. L. Friedell, U.S. Engineer Corps, Manhattan District, 9 August 1945 (“As you and many others are aware, a great many of the people . . .”) (ACHRE No. DOE-121494-D-1). See:

Ray, 5 sources are better than 1. See where TEPCO and JGov gets it from? It’s well rehearsed routine. That is what nuclear testing was all about. An attempt to “normalise” nuclear pollution. That’s why they lie so much. That’s why there cannot be permitted to be any nuclear victims. Perfectly safe, no immediate danger. Bulshit. Who in their right mind would trust a nuker? Problem is, just as in 1945, since 2011 the mass media has cooperated, in general, with rare exceptions, with the Japanese government and world corporate deception that there is “no significant buildup of radiation in Japan or elsewhere” from the multiple reactor failures of 2011. (Source: Former head of Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)

Of course these deceptive events in 1945 gave more than 1 US President a problem regarding trust in later decades…..

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