Fukushima 2.5 year Bullshit Review. 1. ANTSO’s verball Photoshopping of the reactor disaster


Sydney Morning Herald.


Dr Ziggy Switkowski, who was chairman of the the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation [ANSTO] until a few months ago, says a significant build-up of radiation is unlikely.

“The contribution, if any, to this [disaster] from the nuclear fleet, I expect even under worst case scenarios is going to be small,” he told Fairfax Radio Network this morning.

“That’s not to deny that people are always concerned and justly concerned about the integrity of the nuclear reactor network,” Dr Switkowski said.

“The Japanese reactors are probably as good as you can find around the world, but this magnitude 9 earthquake may well have tested the limits of their design.”

Japan has a total of 55 reactors spread across 17 complexes nationwide.”

How to Keep the Faith In Nuclear Reactors, a step by step guide for the Compleat Idiot by Ziggy Switkowski.

Very reassuring Ziggy, go put Bowie’s “Fashon” on repeat play mate.

“We are the goon squad and we’re comming to town, beep beep.”

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