Hida, Oishi, Sato, Takenouchi & Umeda, “No More Hibakusya, No More Nuke Plants”


Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan

Hida, Oishi, Sato, Takenouchi & Umeda, “No More Hibakusya, No More Nuke Plants”
Time: 2011 Nov 15 15:00 – 16:00

Press Conference
Shuntaro Hida, Physician & Hiroshima A bomb Hibakusha
Matashichi Oishi, Hibakusha, Former Lucky Dragon Crew
Sachiko Sato, Representative, Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation
Mari Takenouchi, Co-director, Society of Hibakusya
Ryusuke Umeda, Former Power Plant Worker

The speech and Q & A will be in English & Japanese with English interpretation

“No More Hibakusya, No More Nuke Plants”

The atomic bombings of 1945 killed roughly 200,000 immediately and exposed tens of thousands to radiation that continues to cause health problems. In 1954, a United States nuclear test on Bikini Atoll showered radiation on unsuspecting fishermen, including those working on the famous Lucky Dragon boat. Some 400,000 people have worked at Japan’s nuclear power plants with more than 30 of those having asked for compensation for radiation-related illnesses. And now, of course, in Fukushima Prefecture and other areas, millions more are joining the ranks of “hibakusya,” or those exposed to radiation.

A number of citizen’s groups representing “hibakusya” have come together to declare that humanity cannot co-exist with nuclear technology, whether it is used for military or civilian purposes. They are demanding the Japanese government immediately evacuate residents, especially children, from all areas contaminated with radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, halt the distribution of contaminated food and stop moving contaminated debris to other parts of the country.

At this Press Conference, group representatives will explain their reasoning and their demands.

Shuntaro Hida, Physician & Hiroshima A bomb Hibakusha

Sachiko Sato, Representative, Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation Mari Takenouchi, Co-director, Society of Hibakusha

Ryusuke Umeda, Former Power Plant Worker & Matashichi Oishi, Hibakusha, Former Lucky Dragon Crew
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from twitter:
Mari Takenouchi@mariscontact12h:
SOS from Fukushima! Acute lukemia patients are emerging! JPN gov. strangely stopped collecting leukemia statistics in Fukushima and Miyagi!”


by Japanese journalist, Mari Takenouchi


VII) 福島で経済効果を狙う国と医療関係者たち!?Gov’t and Medical Societies Aiming at Economic Effects out of Fukushima!?


Gov’t and Medical Societies Aiming at Economic Effects out of Fukushima!?

現在、ふくしま集団疎開裁判が、中学生の母親たちにより提訴・審議中です。http://fukushima-evacuation-e.blogspot.jp/ 被告側は、100mSV 以下は健康に被害がない、移住によるストレスのほうが放射線によるストレスよりも多大であるとしています。この裁判の科学的根拠の一つに、東大病院放射線科準教授、中川恵一氏の『被曝と発がんの真実』という本が挙げられています。この本によれば、福島ではガンは増えないと書いてあるのですが、疑義のある文が多く見受けられるため、私は中川氏に対し、数ヶ月前に100以上の質問を投げかけましたが、まだ回答は来ておりません2。

In July 2011, Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial wasfiled by secondary school mothers, but the district court dismissed their plea saying that there is no health hazard up to 100 mSV and relocation stress is greater than radiation. The main scientific base from the city government side on this trial was provided by Dr. Keiichi Nakagawa, Tokyo University Hospital Radiology associate professor, who wrote a book called “Truth about Radiation Exposure and Oncogenesis” in which he stated an amazing theory, “There will be NO increase of cancer patients in Fukushima.” As there are many doubtful statements in his book, so I sent more than 100 questions to him, but there has been reply from him yet.


As special rapporteur of UN Human Rights Coucil had described, there are numerous amount of books and thesis that show health hazards under 100 mSV, but Japanese scholars, doctors, administration and judicature are purposely ignoring these scientific data.


Children’s relocation issue must be the of the paramount importance as of now. In fact, there has been increase among children’s death in Fukushima. The director of Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation, Mr. Seiichi Nakate, found out that the numbeばんだ of minors’ death in Fukushima went up 1.5 times compared to the year before the accident based on the government dynamic statistics of population13. Especially, heart disease went up by double and increases were observed in cancer, leukemia, infectious disease, and pneumonia.


Even as for adults, according to acting director of Dr. Toshiyuki Ishihara, Ohara Medical Center, Fukushima city, heart diseases have been increased significantly after the accident. Prior to the accident in 2010, there were 143 heart failures and 266 heart strokes, but in 1st half of 2012, there were already 184 heart failures and 212 heart strokes in only 6 months period.

Even the state and municipal government acknowledged that the number of death is increasing in quake-hit areas, and the government Reconstruction Agency announced the establishment of a project team for examination and countermeasures on death related to the disaster. However, among the causes listed in this project, cesium influence on heart is excluded for examination though the stress-causing heart failure is included.


In December 2012, I heard that 2 brothers in Fukushima became acute leukemia at the same timing. Brothers would have inhaled the same air and eaten the same food, and there is a possibility that simultaneous acute leukemia could have been caused by radiation for these brothers. I made a phone call to Fukushima Prefectural Medical Society in December 2012 and I was astounded when I was told, “There have been no health damage observed in relation with radiation in Fukushima.” Even at this stage, official position on radiation related health damage is totally “a denial.” I stressed that they should tackle this issue more promptly since the situation could become too late especially for children in contaminated areas


In fact, the silence among Japanese doctors on radiation exposure issue is beyond imagination. I made another phone call to the Japan Medical Association, and their answer was, “We have not determined our position regarding this issue. We will make announcement on this in March 2014.” How relaxed they are! I repeated the acute leukemia story in Fukushima to them too, stressing the need to immediately tackle this issue.


As a matter of fact, I asked for this to the Medical Association, but I have no expectation from them. Because, after the nuclear accident, amazingly, the government decided to stop tracking the statistics of leukemia patient number in Fukushima and south of Miyagi, where the radiation exposure was the highest! What on earth can this be justified? I would like this fact to be known to the world.



This kind of failure to act is widely observed among layer of medical society. For example, in a mailing list with members of pediatricians, obstetricians and para-medicals, one member told me that some Fukushima pediatrician strongly denies any health hazards by radiation in Fukushima and controls the opinions of the mailing list telling concerned members not to listen to some activists and journalists. She told me my name was listed among others. I recently had some argument with a pediatrician practicing in a hot spot area. He was not concerned about children’s health at all.

It is a matter of grave concern that doctors, who are supposed to protect children’s health, have been behaving like this. It is not only a concern, already a calamity is started to be emerged.


Considering these things, children in Fukushima should be relocated at the earliest possible timing, but in the contrary, the government and Fukushima prefecture is to terminate the subsidiary for volunteer evacuees the end of this year and furthermore, the government has declared to let all the Fukushima residents back to their hometown by 2020. This is solely an insane policy.

このままでは病人が福島で急増するのではないかと危惧しておりますが、それを予見させるようなことが行われています。日本の経産省が巨額と投じて汚染している福島市や郡山市に最新型の病院増設をしています。あろうことか、1200億円の経済効果を狙っているとまで書かれてあります! http://www.jice.or.jp/sinsai/sinsai_detail.php?id=2485

Furthermore, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry allocated a large amount of budget to constructor extend state of the art medical facilities in Fukushima. Amazingly, the summary of the plan states that it aims at positive economic effect of 120 billion yen! http://www.jice.or.jp/sinsai/sinsai_detail.php?id=2485


It is totally inappropriate to build large sized hospitals in these contaminated areas. Immediately after March 11, dozens of in-hospital patients died while being evacuated. There may still be possibilities of further catastrophic accident in Fukushima.


Also, especially those who are sick, challenged and aged people who need care could be vulnerable to low level radiation, so they should be entitled to obtain medical treatment in uncontaminated area. Fukushima prefectural medical circle is tied with ETHOS project and the executive director of Fukushima Prefectural Medical Association Nobuo Tanji was giving lecture for ETHOS. Once again, those who are socially weak including children and pregnant women are not supposed to stay in contaminated areas. I call for immediate relocation of these people.


Not only that, since there are some hot spots in Tokyo and other prefectures equivalent to optional relocation spots, I sincerely hope children and pregnant women would be able to be relocated as an established system.

While the Japanese government involves doctors in ETHOS project to keep Fukushima residents for studying low-level radiation effects and further, discard the statistics of leukemia patients, and construct cancer hospitals for future economic effects, I think it is an urgent matter for Fukushima residents, especially for children to be able to relocate through international organizations support as soon as possible.

end quote.

Hormesis is, tragically, alive and well in Japan. This is the basis of the discarding of the leukemia stats.

This same deception was carried out upon US downwinders from the 1950s on.

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