Medico-legal aspects of Disaster

The response of the state and corporation, to any disaster they cause, is medico-legal before anything else.

The first responder enters an accident scene having identified hazards and removed them. The first act on the casualty is to support life. The second act is to reassure.

When the state and corporation fail as first responders, no one believes their words.

When the state and corporation issue edicts in place of reassurance, people respond with hate.

When the state and corporation offer interrogation in place of due diligence and watchful oversight, the people rebel.

Even as Dr 100 mSv uses the children to gather false evidence against them.

It turns that the states and corporations of the world sure did watch closely as the Downwinders of the First Nuclear Age fought their government for justice.

The imposition of dose response mathematics by authorities upon nuclear victims; the imposition of compulsory perceptions of hazard and harm : These things cannot prevent the eventual dialogue between the diverse groups who have suffered.

Such a conversation takes place with language. Not mathematics.

In the private spaces owned by individuals, scattered worldwide, the private conversation does not centre around what the official dose count was. Rather, it centres around the individual’s experience of the whole event over time. And the individual compares what has really happened to each with the generic lies uttered by the imposers.

Governments and corporations will do anything for a buck.

This time, people are gathering their own evidence.

As always, when it gets to court, there will be arguments about dose, dose rate and dose response. And this time, as always, there will be bountiful evidence listing the officially issued lies and omissions. The defendant is a known and documented lier and habitual provider of significant omissions.

In the long run, as always, it will cheaper to just come clean.

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