More Nuclear Refugees Sue Tepco

United front: Plaintiffs suing Tokyo Electric Power Co. over the Fukushima nuclear accident that forced them to seek refuge in the Kansai region hold a banner Tuesday outside the Osaka District Court emphasizing their desire to return to ‘normal life.’ | KYODO

More Japanese nuclear refugees sue Tepco, government

Japan Times

OSAKA – A total of 171 people from Fukushima Prefecture who had to flee their homes because of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant sued Tokyo Electric Power Co. and the central government Tuesday for ¥1.62 billion in damages.

The plaintiffs, from 60 families now living in western Japan, filed two suits, one with the Osaka District Court and the other with the Kyoto District Court.

Similar damages suits have been filed with 11 district courts by 3,811 plaintiffs, according to lawyers of the western Japan groups.

In the suit brought to the Osaka court, 80 members of 27 households are seeking ¥1.2 billion in damages, while in the Kyoto suit, 91 members of 33 households are demanding ¥400 million.

They argue that Tepco neglected its duty to prepare the plant for earthquakes and tsunami, while the central government failed to take stringent regulatory steps to prevent the triple meltdown.

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