An email message from H bomb veteran Dave Whyte

Hello Paul,

Many thanks for your e-mail and the information.

I had never heard of U237 but will look up the reference you gave.

My appeal will be heard in Edinburgh on the 8th Nov. I am appealing against the decision to award me a 0% War Pension for the Abdominal Pain and Lymphadenopathy which the Ministry of Defence accept as caused due to my service. I am going to claim for compensation, as these ailments were caused due to the deliberate refusal by the authorities to deny me access to protective clothing and a respirator when sending me into ground zero two hours after detonation of both Pennant and Burgee atomic bombs.

I mentioned some time ago I had discovered my signature had been forged on my release medical, so I wrote to the Ministry of Defence asking for an explanation, who gave the authority and who signed my name. I sent this letter on the 20th June and finally got a reply dated 3rd October.

Their response was: “We have investigated your allegation regarding the forging of your signature on your medical records. Our findings, however, have proved inconclusive when comparing several versions of your signature that you have provided over the years.”

I consider their attitude as rather arrogant when they suggest I do not know my own signature. I replied: “I have to admit, I am fascinated by your findings relating to the forged document when you write: (I entered their comment “Our findings – to – over the years”). I would be obliged if you could send me copies of these documents which appear to have doubtful signatures. I realise many of my documents, particularly those concerning levels of radiation, have mysteriously disappeared: I am also aware of the falsification of records: I only had knowledge of one forged document, namely my release medical, but you have now convinced me there may be more forgeries which you have discovered and I would be interested to receive copies of these suspicious items.”

I did continue that I would be interested to discover if some of these documents bearing my doubtful signature, gave authority to carry our human medical experiments during the nuclear tests, or gave consent to remove body parts on my death under Medical Research Programme MR185 on which I have been covertly placed without my knowledge or consent.

It will probably take about three months for them to reply, if they do.

I have ‘Kicked the ball back to their own Court’

My other case in London is still ‘Stayed’. It was decided earlier this year, by Judge Stubbs, that those individuals who served in the forward area may have received higher levels of radiation than the Secretary of State has admitted. This is still being investigated and awaiting a decision.

I will let you know if anything develops.

All the best


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