DATA FOR 92-Uranium-237

To Dave Whyte and all the other Veterans of the British Christmas Island H Bomb Tests:

This is what the large uranium tampers in the British H bombs turned into. Note that Uranium 237 is of short half life, is a beta emitter, has a consequent high rate of decay, is produced in abundance proportional to the weight of the tamper in each bomb (about 1/2 a ton), emits Beta radiation, and produces a long line of progeny products.

Never have I seen U237 talked of or admitted to by the Crown. It is admitted that “natural” uranium residue exists on Christmas Island as a result of the tests and the Crown claims this was safe then and now. However, the radioactivity and internal and external hazard presented by U 237 in H bomb fallout has been 1. denied initially 2. downplayed by both the USA and UK.

It is time the Crown was called to account in this matter Dave.

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