Forgeries presented by the British Ministry of Defence.

Nuclear Veteran Dave Whyte of Scotland has previously explained his military service included duty during the British Hydrogen Bomb tests on Christmas. His decades of serious ill health which followed included obstruction, denials, misrepresentation, with holding of information and the presentation of false documentation by the British MOD.

The latest episode in this sage involves the presentation to Dave of a document by the MOD. The document are claimed by MOD to contain Dave’s signature. Dave can recognize his own signature, and the document in question is an obvious forgery.

Dave continues his report…

Hello Paul,

I am writing to update you on the saga of my forged Army Medical release documents. I wrote to the Ministry of Defence to inform them that the signature on my release medical was a forgery and the information listed was from a document nine years previous, I asked them for an explanation.

I received a letter from the Ministry of Defence that implied I did not know my own signature and they had numerous documents which showed I was incorrect. On reading this, I requested copies of these letter as it appeared there were more forged documents that I was unaware of. They excelled themselves, I received a reply, with the documents in a fortnight rather than the usual three months. The documents they sent all had my authentic signature which did not compare with the forgery.

I have attached a list of my signatures that appear throughout my appeal court bundle of evidence. The first signature is the forgery the remainder are mine.

When I first wrote to the Ministry of Defence regarding this matter, I expected a letter of apology and an immediate investigation on how this happened and to discover if this was a ‘One Off’ or a regular occurrence. I certainly did not consider they would be so arrogant to suggest I couldn’t recognise my own signature.

Along with the documents the Ministry of Defence sent to me, they included a copy of the Official Secrets Act I signed in 1961. One has to wonder if this was a feeble attempt to frighten me. If it was, they failed miserably!

Hope this may be of interest to your readers and encourage them to look at all their documents closely as there may be many more undetected forgeries to reveal.

All the best

Dave ”

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